Family Names Green & Lane Drybrook 1900's (General)

by HarryBrook @, Sunday, February 07, 2021, 12:56 (1262 days ago) @ akirk

Angela, I have no recollection of Charlie and Sarah Anne Lane or their daughters; before my time. I vaguely remember Walter Green.

I knew Frank Pritchard. He later had a coal merchants business at China Court, Morse Road, Drybrook; it is still run by his grandson, Ian. Frank died in 1974. He, and his three sons, Derek, Des, and Terry also ran a haulage business, mainly transporting stone from Drybrook Quarry (now closed).

I know from a conversation with one of Frank's sons that he worked at Harrow Hill Colliery which I believe closed in 1925, so Walter Green could have worked with him there, after that I would not know and there are no available records to my knowledge.

There are some views of the colliery and Harrow Hill on this website

There is a photo of what is now Larksfield Road, Harrow Hill in the photo gallery on this site. You could also have a browse for Drybrook in photographs and postcards on ebay. Other than that images appear to be in books.

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