Constances still living in Longhope (General)

by AlecF @, West Sussex, Sunday, March 14, 2021, 15:18 (1083 days ago)

Theophilus Constance 14/10/1780-24/11/1847 was my 5xGreat Grandfather; my grandmother was a Constance, one of the family of Alfred Constance 6/2/1862-1/6/1927 (of whom I have a great deal of information - wages books, documents, letters, even items of furniture). As his family was large and I am getting on in years myself, I met many of these great-aunts and -uncles, and of course have traced a fair number of second cousins! I have been accumulating information about Constance family trades and activities in the area, various old maps and so on) and it has long been my ambition to return to Longhope for a brief holiday. I wrote to the Clerk of the Parish Council explaining my intention and enquiring whether there might be anyone living there - whether a Constance or not - who might be able to tell me more about its history. He was extremely helpful, and reminded me of this Forum which I have not been in touch with for many years; he said that there were certainly Constances living in Longhope Village, but had no knowledge whether they were descendants or were interested in its history. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Regards, Alec.

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