John Allford 1818,Transported (General)

by Empress of the northwest, Monday, March 15, 2021, 16:13 (1228 days ago)

John Allford, (1818), marr. Elizabeth Bennett 1841 at Newland. He was transported to Tasmania in 1845. I was aware that he remarried after his sentence was served but cannot find what happened to his family in Coleford. I found Elizabeth at home on the 1851 census, living with her parents. There were no children at the address. Ive since seen information, which states there were 2 children born to John and Elizabeth , one of them Ruth Allford. I can't find any births . However the 1851 census shows a Ruth Alford residing with grandparents at Staunton. I can't find any further census entries for Elizabeth or children . I haven't found any births either. The info I read on an Australian site stated that Elizabeth remarried to a Absolom White. I can't find a candidate for him either . Can anyone help ?

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