Gough collaterals & disambiguation (early 18th c) (General)

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https://www.sungreen.co.uk : Bream Magazine - February 1902 (on the net .... this may help in the family background) etc.

THE GOUGH FAMILY - The Family of Gough is the first that we know to have been interested in the Chapel of Bream after its re-opening for the Liturgy of the Church by Thomas DONNING, in 1618.
The Family of GOUGH OF WOOLASTON, is said to have been descended from that Sir Matthew GOUGH who fought in France under Henry V. and was slain on London Bridge, by the Kentish rebels, in 1450, but this is not certain.

The following facts about this family may be taken as true:

1. In 1593 was proved the will of Henry GOUGH, of Bristol, who seems to have been one of the Society of Merchants Adventurers, and mention is made of " his house in Bream, his money and houses in Bristol, his lands and tenenments in the Forest of Dean, and his estate upon the seas, and beyond the seas".

2. The Manor of Willsbury, in the Parish of St Briavels, WARREN unto the possession of the GOUGH's by the marriage of George GOUGH, who was probably the son of Henry GOUGH, the Merchant Venturer, with Mary, the daughter of William WARREN, who held Willsbury in the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

3. In the next generation we maturally meet with Warren GOUGH, the son of George GOUGH and Mary WARREN, who resided at Willsbury and married Dorothy BERERO, of Awre, and became in his turn the father of that James GOUGH of Pastor's Hill, who married Mary WISHE, and was the benefactor of the Church in Bream.

4. In the Hewlesfield and S Briavels Registers (of the 17th and 18th centuries) a large number of entries of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials of this family may be seen. It is said, also, that one branch of the family resided at Aylesmore Court, and it would seem that the Gough's inter-married with the surrounding gentry of the county.

5. RUDDER says in his history (1799) "Pastor's Hill is the house of William GOUGH, junior, great grandson of William GOUGH, of Willsbury, which estate was given him by James GOUGH, son of Warren GOUGH, of Willsbury..

There is a another paragraph - which finishes by saying......

James GOUGH seems to have left no children when he died in 1691 and on his widow, Mary's death in 1718, her life interest ceasing, the estate passed to Wiliam GOUGH, a cousin of a younger generation. etc. etc

etc. etc.

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