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Just in case you haven't used the (apologizes if you have!) - not sure what info you are searching for etc.


Gloucestershire Marriage Allegations 1747-1837 - and Marriage Bonds - 1730 - 1823

(Under the Heading: RESOURCES) on this website.

There are your family members listed - (mostly two copies, one being the Bond, the other being the Licence).

Having a quick read about the COURT Cabinet Makers of Bristol - John COURT - was the father and his Marriage Licence and Bond is in the above records.

Record ID 1464 (which is the Licence) - 2 Jan 1758

John COURT - aged 25, Batchelor, Cabinet Maker, St Augustine's
Martha EVANS - aged 25, Spinster, residence: St Briavels

sworn before S JONES to marry at St Briavels

the second records - Bond - gives two witness names:

James BAKER a Bricklayer of Monmouth and Wm COURT.

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