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I think Lydbrook Hill and Lydwood Coppice would have been localised names used around the time of the relevant Census Return.
Referring to British History on Line and also National Library of Scotland Ordnance Survey Maps from the late 19th Century do not show any reference to them.

However, i believe there was a Methodist Chapel located "just under the Viaduct" in Lower Lydney. It is now demolished along with the Viaduct. The chapel is shown on NLS Ordnance Survey Map- OS 25inch 1878-1888 (SW England).
On a modern map it was located on the B4234 on the right hand side just after Mill Row but before the intersection with
Ross Road. I think there might be public conveniences located there now.

In another reply to your post mention is made of the first page of a census return which indicates the area covered by that particular return. Using that information, together with locations which appear before and after your point of interest it is sometimes possible to follow the course taken by the Enumerator as the information was collected thus narrowing down the area of interest.

Hope this might be of some help

Sid Toomey

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