Shoemaker Joseph Hatton / Saffron Hill (General)

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Which record shows HATTON in 1784 was at Saffron Hill (what County?)


With shoemaker/cordwainer as an occupation (can be a family trade) - under Resources on this website, this may be an earlier generation/relation

(two entries, one being a Licence another the Bond)

7 July 1769

Joseph HATTON, Cordwainer,
residence: Bell Broughton in the County of Worcester

Hannah HILL - residence: Westbury ... Widow

Marriage by Bond: He signs

witnesses 1: The mark of Thomas Plaisted a Farmer of Westbury

The groom and Thomas PLAISTED are bound in the sum of £500 to marry at Westbury


The marriage Licence gives his age as 28 c1741

(to Marry at Westbury)

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