William Peter Trigg 1946-2014 (General)

by Ryan_Trigg2002, Saturday, August 07, 2021, 02:21 (1082 days ago)

To anyone who can help,

William Peter 'Pete' Trigg is the grandfather that I never met, because of a multitude of complicated reasons and family issues that I won't go into on publically on this site I never met my paternal grandfather, Pete, and therefore know very little about him.

All I know is that he married my grandmother Phyllis Joan Ruck in around June of 1967 and had to children with him. Adrian Paul Trigg (my father) born on the 4th November 1968 and Julian Peter Trigg born on the 12th August 1972. He ended up leaving the family home a few years after that which ended in divorce from my grandmother. My father and uncle only ever met him a handful of times after this, none of them being particularly good experiences, but I digress.

After this point I know little to nothing about what happened to him, having found some loose records of him being married to another women around 1981, someone else in around 1984 and finally a women called Kath in 1985 who had a son from a previous marriage named Sean (my step uncle of sorts if you like). After this the next record I can find of him is the death notice posted online (via a funeral notice website that I found) and via the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley Review. Stating when and where his funeral was and that donations could be made to Cancer Research, from this I'm guessing he died from lung cancer or something similar as I have heard that he was a heavy smoker in his time.

The only two photos I have ever seen of him is him along with his sisters Elizabeth and Pauline sometime in the 50's with "Sanata" and a photo that somebody has posted online of the East Dean Grammar School Boys in 1956, he is 5 from the left in the back row.

Any help in my search would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, Ryan Trigg.

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