Adding images to posts - how to do it. (General)

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Thursday, November 18, 2021, 13:44 (938 days ago) @ admin2

Hi Paul,

It's difficult to appreciate your concerns when other forums, and there's many of them, allow images to be posted. Some allow uploading of images, many allow hotlinking. None seem to have concerns about it or, maybe, they have ways of overcoming any issues. Maybe you could explain why you have concerns.

Your suggestion of emailing images and/or sending them to you to be uploaded doesn't, I feel, accommodate all the possible benefits of including images in posts. Emailing an image to another person is fine if it's something only relevant to that person. Having images uploaded to somewhere on the site is fine for images that may be of general interest to anyone but doesn't relate to a specific request or discussion. But if someone has a question about an image or has an image in support of some point of discussion, then the only useful place for it to be is in the post itself. A link to the image hosted elsewhere is better than nothing but it relies on people following that link. And I think worth raising here is the point that the forum tries to open links in the forum window and many users are unaware of the need to open links in a new tab so, perhaps, never get to follow the link.

As of now, the forum has the facility to hotlink to images. My suggestion is to either support it or remove it. But by removing it I think you'll be making the forum less useful.


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