The Pumphrey Pedigree (General)

by dpumphrey, Thursday, December 16, 2021, 22:55 (806 days ago) @ Mark Pumphrey

Hi Mark,

I also have Larry's book "The Pumphrey Pedigree" and was lucky enough to find my grandfather listed and was able to follow my line directly back to John Pomfrey (1410-1472), through Richard Pumphrey who had the blended family that you mention. My line goes from Newnham -> Littledean -> Leckhampton -> Charlton Kings -> Baltimore County, Maryland (the immigrant). I am actually in Oxford, UK as I type this and plan to visit Newnham, Littledean, Leckhampton and Charlton Kings this weekend or next week.

I'm not expecting to have any eureka moments while there, but will be nice to see the country side and maybe try to feel some connection to ancestors of past. I would welcome any discussion of the Pumphrey family. In fact, I have started a Pumphrey Pedigree group on Facebook just recently.

Good luck on your searches!

Daniel Pumphrey

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