'Hallier' (occupation) (General)

by obscurasky @, Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 00:56 (9 days ago) @ Glosnost

Thanks for this Glosnost.

From my book, A History of The Fountain Inn at Parkend;

"Hallier is an archaic spelling of the term haulier and was used after 1750, most commonly in areas around Monmouth, to describe a person responsible for hauling coal (and other material) underground; either directly to the surface or to the bottom of a shaft ready for collection. In smaller mines this would have been done manually, but in larger mines the term would have referred to the person in charge of a line of carts being pulled mechanically or by pit pony. Use of the spelling ‘hallier’ would cease by the early-1900’s, but survives to the present day as a surname."

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