Bakers and Co-ops (General)

by da058846 @, Monday, January 24, 2022, 13:20 (432 days ago)

Wondering if anyone might have any thoughts on a couple of questions.
I discovered on the 1921 census, that my ancestor was a bread delivery man for Co-Op, High-street, Cinderford. Looking at old photos on-line, there is a photo of an old co-op shop front (with Edward John Withers stood outside), but this seems to be a different building from the photos of High-Street showing the co-op. However, I note that the high street seems to be branch no.2?
Question 1. Were there 2x co-op branches in Cinderford, or was branch no.2 the only one in Cinderford? Did it relocate premises?
Question 2. My ancestor then went onto be a delivery driver for Young's bakery in Cinderford. Young's bakery seems to be a family run bakery, by William Young, then his son Frederick George Young (who was the father of the famous 'Jimmy' Young - radio presenter). Where was this bakery, and are there any old photos of this?
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