Lewis family (Urgent)

by philrmoon11, Wednesday, March 02, 2022, 11:59 (864 days ago)

Hi I don't know if anyone can help, I am researching the Lewis family history from Whitchurch herefordshire,

The census records say some of them were born in whitchurch but some I can't find them in Fod website could the census be wrong or is there more records that haven't been entered on this site ??

A Thomas Lewis b abt 1797 ( in whitchurch herefordshire) is a prime example, he is shown as married to a maria ????, they had about 10 children

But I can't find them in the 1841 census yet their first 2 children John was b abt 1836, and Mary ann was b abt 1838, according to the 1851 census in whitchurch herefordshire,

Best wishes

Also looking for a James Lewis b abt 1808
In whitchurch herefordshire he married in 1858 whitchurch herefordshire to a Elizabeth jarratt, Elizabeth had 2 or 3 children before she married 1858 to James Lewis, but can't find James or Elizabeth in 1841/ or 1851 censuses, trying to find their parents also

The 3 children she had were Thomas, James, and emily

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