Martha WOORE/HOAR who married William COLE at Welsh Bicknor (Parish Records)

by Titera @, Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 09:29 (733 days ago)

There are two women named Martha Woore/Hoar. They both married in 1802 one in Goodrich, Hereford July 4,1802 and the other in Welsh Bicknor August 1, 1802.

One married to William Cole in Welsh Bicknor has been discussed here before.

The second Martha married William Herbert in Goodrich, Hereford that same year of 1802. She is the one from Goodrich. She had a large family and died in 1855 in Goodrich. The baptism in Goodrich December 15, 1782 seems to be this Martha. Daughter of John and Mary Woor. The 1851 census has her born in Goodrich.

Leaving Martha who married William Cole with no record of baptism. I have been intrigued by the older threads that link this Martha to James Woor (1776-1853) son of Oliver Wore and Hester. The 1851 census has James born in "Bicknor".

Is it possible that Martha married to William Cole was born in 1777 based on her age in 1861 and her age at death in 1870, and is in fact the daughter of Oliver and Hester...we simply cannot find a record of birth or baptism?

I'll appreciate help or guidance on this.

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