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Hi Martyn

I believe there are two more pieces of evidence to support the theory that the Parsloe's changed their family name to Tovey in Wales.

(a) On your other Tovey post you mentioned that in Census forms Annie M. Tovey always gave her place of birth as Blakeney, Gloucestershire except for 1921 where she listed "Hagloe, Gloucestershire.
Hagloe is less than half a mile South of Blakeney.

In the 1881 England Census for the Parish of Awre, between Poulton Inn and Hagloe House, Oliver Knight, his wife Ann and daughter Annie aged 4 were living.

Ernest Parsloe married Annie Matilda Knight in St Lukes Gloucester on 18th Feb 1895.
The Brides parents were Oliver Knight and Matilda Kendall
Witness was A Parsloe.

Matilda Kendall was baptised 28th December 1852 in the Cam Parish.
Matilda's father was Elias Kendall. This would make Elias Kendall the Grandfather of Annie M. Tovey.
Elias Kendall married Widow Ann Wall on 23rd April 1864 in Eastington so this would make Ann Kendall Annie M. Tovey's Grandmother.
The widow Ann Wall was baptised Ann Moreland 27th January 1831 in Eastington.

(b) In the 1911 Census for Wales, the Tovey family were living in Abertillery. Listed as part of the Tovey household was a Grandmother,
Ann Thendale, aged 82 and born in Eastington.
I believe she was Annie M. Tovey's Grandmother.
In the 1901 England Census Ann Kendall is shown as a Widow and living with her sister in Eastington.

I must admit i haven't found any records for between 1901 and 1911 showing that the widow Ann Kendall married someone named "Thendale" who would have then passed away before the 1911 Census. However everything else fits to support the view that she was Annie M. Tovey's Grandmother.

I have sourced all of the above from Parish Registers and can provide details if you cant find the individual record links.

Any queries let me know.

Sid Toomey

PS Have you ever thought of providing your email address on this Forum site. Not as public but using the provision where a blue envelope would appear next to your user name (Like appears next to mine). This would allow other Forum members to email you through a private secure system that is part of the FOD site. Then questions and answers which are not of direct interest to the Forum, could be exchanged.
Images and/or documents could also be passed on by email (would have to talk more about this if you did decide to do it)
Hope i haven't confused you.

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