2 William and Sophia Knight couples in Ruardean 1790s (General)

by Nick Dub @, Thursday, June 09, 2022, 19:14 (735 days ago) @ cmfenton

Hi Colin,
Unless I'm wrong, I don't think there were 17 children born to 1 couple with these names - it looks to me that what we have is around 17 children born to 2 couples with exactly the same names. It didn't matter at the time, of course because they'd have all known one another and known which family was which. Almost 250 years later, with not much to go on, it's a problem.

Unless your link to Sophia is via one of the first 3 children I named or one of the much later ones, it's going to be v difficult to tell which Sophia, M or W, was the mother of your ancestor. Plus, there is the ticklish job of folding a second William Knight into family trees.

I'm hoping someone who knows a lot more about ancestry than me (wouldn't be difficult) is going to come along and provide some extra insights.



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