Sarah Webb wife of Joseph Harper married on the 14/06/1772 (General)

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Hi All,
Having looked at a transcript of the will, kindly sent to me by Graham, I am now certain that the Sarah Webb who married Joseph Harper on the 14/06/1772 was the daughter of Jonathan Webb and Anne Morefield who were married 21 Dec 1734 Hope Mansell.

In my case, I have John Harper 1778-1847 in my family tree - he is the son of Joseph and Sarah Harper and a grandson of Jonathan & Anne Webb.

John had a younger brother, Jonathan Harper, born 4th Feb 1781, who has the same forbears.

One reason this is confusing (apart from all the Johns, Jons, Jos, Jonthns etc) is that there were two Sarah Webbs born in Ruardean within 2 years of each other. One with parents as above, born 19 March 1742 - AND - a second, born 29 Jun 1740 to George and Ann Webb.

It is the second Sarah born in 1740 who appears on a number of Family History sites as the wife of Joseph Harper - possibly one person made an incorrect assumption, and it was copied by others.

Some details of the Will :-

Jonathan Webb made the will and signed it 16/06/1791 witnessed by Jno Cradock, Thos Evans and Thos Cradock

the will was proved 7 May 1800 [There is a burial in Ruardean for a Jonathan Webb aged 'near 93' on the 13 Dec 1799]

5 beneficiaries are named : my daughter SARAH HARPER the now wife of JOSEPH HARPER - my Grandson JOHN HARPER one of the sons of my said daughter SARAH - my grandson JONATHAN HARPER his brother - my daughter MARY FRANKLINE the now wife of SAMUEL FRANKLINE - my daughter ELIZABETH WILLIAMS the now wife of RICHARD WILLIAMS

The sole Executrix was Sarah Harper.

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