Enos JENKINS born in Westbury on Severn 1874 (General)

by Emjay, Saturday, September 10, 2022, 15:21 (683 days ago)


I've been researching my Paternal line but come to a grinding halt with regards to my Great Grandad*3.

My Great Grandad *2 was Enos Jenkins (1874-1927), his mother is listed on his birth certificate as Sarah Jenkins (1855-1881). But no father was shown on the certificate.

Sarah Jenkins parents were John Jenkins (1812-1875) & Caroline Williams (1823-1901)

in the 1881 Census, Enos was living with his Grandma (Caroline Williams).
in the same years Census Sarah was living as a Domestic servant for a William Workman (who was widowed), along with his children and also with a younger son of Sarah's who was classed as a boarder (William Jenkins). So that is 2 sons who both carried her surname.

Of course the obvious assumption is that Enos was born out of wedlock and hence kept his mothers surname.

I was just wondering if there is any other way to discover who the father of Enos may have been?


as an aside to the search for a father for Enos, I discovered the following...

on 31st July 1881 William Workman and Sarah Jenkins were married.

in October 1881 twin girls (Amelia and Caroline) were born. Sadly Sarah, and Amelia were deceased within a few weeks and Caroline died in January 1882.

so in the space of 6 months, Sarah married William, had twin daughters and then lost her own life as well as the two daughters.

Enos moved to the Notts/Derby border just after the turn of the century, presumably to work in the coal fields. he took his wife and 2 sons (one of whom is my Great Grandad) with him.


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