Alfred Davies (General)

by mikedavies @, Huddersfield, Friday, January 13, 2023, 16:32 (522 days ago) @ Mike Pinchin

Hi Mike,

Thanks for this, it ties in particularly as his baptism date was October 29th 1871, so the birth date fits. You may have solved his whereabouts though. I couldn’t understand why he would have moved away other than to be nearer his “incapacitated” wife. Can’t think why Alfred might be “incapacitated” as well now, but I suppose it depends what they meant by that? Or a transcription error.

The Davis/Davies is a common conundrum I suppose, but it was the generation of Alfred and his siblings where the change happened and henceforth we are “Davies”

Now to find his death date and certificate. Many thanks again.

Cheers Mike

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