Future of FODFHT (Announce)

by admin2 @, Saturday, January 21, 2023, 18:00 (538 days ago)

Hi everyone

Many of you may remember that during 2019 there were concerns about whether the website could continue given the limited number of volunteers available and some technical problems. We have kept going and now can announce the long term approach.

Gloucestershire Family History Society (GFHS) has taken over responsibility for maintaining the site, the data and the Forum. The Society has undertaken to retain the fundamental approach of the site’s founders - to provide a freely available source of data for genealogical research about the Forest of Dean.

I have been Admin 2 on the Forum for a while and I am also webmaster for GFHS. I will deal with day to day tasks and I am planning an upgrade of the site later in 2023. Michael Gwilliam - the main admin for several years - will still be around to offer occasional advice and Graham Davidson will continue to provide data from time to time.

My thanks to Mike and others for the hard work in keeping the site going so far and for inducting me into its workings so that I can now provide the main support.

The data here and the way conversations on the Forum help people to make progress with their genealogy depend on contributions from many people. Thank you all for that.

We welcome comments on issues that need resolving or ideas for improvement. You can expect some more requests for help as well!

Best Wishes


Paul Evans

Admin 2

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