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No idea whether this is your Mary PARRY, but British Newspapers on line, do have a few articles .

Gloucester Journal - 17 October 1874



Mary PARRY, a single woman was brought up before Major Davies, charged in September last unlawfully deserting her children who became chargeable to the Union of Monmouth, Hereford and Gloucester. Prisoner was committed for seven days.


Gloucestershire Chronicle - 15 January 1876

FOREST OF DEAN, COLEFORD PETTY SESSION, Tuesday, Before Sir J Campbell Bart, and Major Davies.

Mary PARRY, of Yorkley, was summoned for neglecting to have her child vaccinated. It was proved that defendant had had letters sent to her, warning her to attend before the medical officer, but she took no notice of them. One day a message was sent to her by a woman named Morgan, and an impudent answer was returned. She was ordered to pay the costs, 5s. 6d. within a fortnight.


Gloucester Journal - Saturday 12 April 1879


Mary PARRY, of Yorkley, appeared to a summons preferred by the School Board Authority, on a charge of neglecting to send her childen to school. Defendant said she had no boots for her children. Order made. Mrs PARRY was directed to apply to the guardians for boots,

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