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Upper Hall sits out of sight on the hillside above Ledbury nestling beneath Dog Wood, and has origins which go back to the early thirteenth century, undergoing a few name changes over time, originally being known as Aula Superior, then Over Court, Over Hall and finally Upper Hall. As is the case with many important houses in Herefordshire, Upper Hall is very close to the Church.

The present building is made up of many additions over the years, following its near destruction in the Civil War. A Jacobean wing was built in the seventeenth century and a Georgian wing in the eighteenth. Later in the eighteenth century these two wings were joined up by a Georgian style house, and later still many Victorian alterations were made. It was originally owned by the Skyppe (also spelt Skippe) family who hailed from Norfolk, and one of the branches of this family who settled in Herefordshire was John Skippe, Bishop of Hereford from 1539 to 1552.

Alice Skippe married John Willason who leased the estate, and eventually bought it – and Upper Hall, along with other properties in the Ledbury area, passed through the death of Willason’s heir to John Skippe who died in 1619. Following generations of the Skippe family continued to buy land and property in Ledbury, until finally they sold it all in 1812.

Then eventually to the MARTIN family Bankers ( merged with BARCLAYS bank)

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

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