Bertha JOYNES nee BALDWIN 1901 ( one to rule out) (General)

by whispernomore @, Monday, May 01, 2023, 11:22 (300 days ago) @ slowhands

Yes, this Bertha is probably one we can eliminate as parents don't tally. It's bad enough there are so many Baldwins with the added problem of them all using the same Christian names. I think I have found at least 2 of each Christian name.

It becomes even more interesting when I start on my fathers' name MORGAN!

Mary Rhoda BALDWIN who married Ernest Ernest W P SALMON is definitely one of mine and the 1939 census shows my grandmother and father living with them. I also knew them personally though Aunt Mary died when I was younger.
Eileen Salmon the daughter has now passed away.

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