William CARTER born Arlingham about 1641 (Parish Records)

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Thank you very much for these details, some of them are our ancestors. Yes, I agree about the gaps and that has made it difficult for us to get our Carter and other ancestors sorted, along with the lack of wills and other primary evidence.

It is quite common that gaps appear in many English the parish registers between 1641 - 1660 during the English Civil war

Arlingham - Bigland

IN THE CHURCHYARD ON TOMBS JOHN CARTER, Yeoman, Died 27 Dec 1788, æt. 78
SARAH, his Widow, Died 21st March, 1786, æt.82
THOMAS their Second Son Died Oct. 19, 1778, aged 42
MARY, wife of WILLIAM CARTER, Died July 18, 1774, aged 38.
RICHARD CARTER, Physician, Died 17 March, 1656
JOHN CARTER Died 19 June, 1690, aged 83
JOHN CARTER, Jun. Died Oct 26, 1722, aged 52
ELIZABETH, Wife of JOHN CARTER, Died 18 Jan, 1730, aged 38
MARY, the Wife of WILLIAM CARTER Late of this Parish, Gent. Died 20 April, 1692, aged 68. THOMAS ROBERTS, Died April 22, 1743, at 58.
MARY his Wife Died Feb. 20 1767, aged 67.
THOMAS CARTER, Dr. Died 5 Jan, 1767, aged 71
RICHARD CARTER, Dr. Died 20 November 1756, aged 64
RICHARD CARTER, Son of the above RICHARD CARTER, Dr. Died May 16, 1784, aged 56 Years.
RICHARD CARTER, of Puckpoole, Died Jan 14, 1743, aged 55.
JANE his wife Buried 4 March, 1720, aged 30.
GILES, WILLIAM, and ELIZABETH, their children, died Infants.
WILLIAM CARTER OF Puckpoole, Died Feb. 27, 1744, aged 53.
ELIZABETH his daughter, Died Oct. 20, 1754, aged 23 RICHARD, SARAH, WILLIAM; SARAH, and WILLIAM, died Infants SARAH, Daughter of GILES and ANN CARTER, died May 2, 1769, Aged 27 Months.

Will and inventory in Ancestry
Application for administration...
William Carter Gender Male
(Application by his wife Joane signed by Joane and Richard Carter)
Document Type Will
Will Date 1710
Will Number 204

Inventory Year 1710
Inventory Number 108
Place Arlingham
Court Consistory Court of Glouceste

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