Mary REARDON, daughter of Peter REARDON (General)

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Just going back on Freereg marriage at

St Peter, Blaenavon: 22 July 1854

John TAILOR, aged 44 - occupation: Collier
Mary MORGAN, aged 35, (Widow) occupation: Washing : Bride residence Blaenavon




Again, FreeREG : couple of months later, i.e. 10 September 1854

Hannah MARSHALL - aged 19 Spinster, occupation Seamstress : Bride residence Blaenavon
married a John YEMM


Is there a family/friend connection between Mary MORGAN aged 35 and a 19 years old Seamstress ??


Looking at British Newspapers on Line for a Peter REARDON in Monmouthshire - there are later men with the same name - and they appear to be Irish.

Also on National Archives, there is a

Peter REARDON, Offical Number : 89871, Place of Birth: Sirhowey, Monmouthshire - Date of Birth: 29 June 1859
who served in the Royal Marines and Coastguard 1874-1875. Can't find his birth registration as yet!.

Looking at Family Search, Peter REARDON/REARDEN appears in 1891/1898/1899/1906 in Workhouse Admissions, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.


May be Peter READON who married Mary MORGAN, was of Irish Stock - or Catholic etc.

There are 'some' REARDON/RAIRDEN/ etc on Family Search listed as O'Reardon, as is Peter O'Reardon Census 1911, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, birth 1857, Sirhowy, Monmouthshire.

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