Sgt Reginald E PARRY 1893 - 1918 WW1 RIP (General)

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Service Number: 35055
Regiment & Unit/Ship
Welsh Regiment 15th Bn.

Date of Death
Died 28 August 1918

Buried or commemorated at
I. B. 39.

I believe he is remembered on the Cinderford War Memorial
and St Marys Church (WMR 6801) Nantgarw Mid Glam

Reginald Ernest Parry - son of John and Jane Parry

A young man of extremely happy promise,
Sgt Reginald Ernest Parry has, after three
Years of devoted and excellent service laid
Down his greatest gift on behalf of the dear
Homeland and the cause his country has
Espoused. He was the fifth son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Parry, now of Nantgarw and
Formerly of Cinderford. He was a scholar of
Double View School and also of the Wesley
Sunday School, and from his earliest days he
Was beloved and honoured by everyone who]
Knew him, and his untimely death has awakened
The deepest sorrow among those who have
Been privileged with his acquaintance. When
He joined the forces he was employed as an
Electrician in the Natntgarw Collieries, near
Cardiff. He made excellent progress in the
Army as will be gathered from the rank he
Had attained and was physically a fine young fellow.
He was a good son, quiet in manner, conscientious
And kind. During the conflict in France
With the Welsh Regiment, he had passed safely
Through much hard fighting, but now he has
Been called upon to share with so many of his
fellows in the honour of the great and true
sacrifice in his 25th year.

The following letters were received –
“Sir With reference to your letter of the 24th inst
I beg to convey the deepest sympathy of all the
Company with you and your parents in the loss
Of Sgt Parry R.E.. I might say that Sgt
Parry was severely wounded in the
Glorious advance of the Welsh on August 28th
He was carried back to the field ambulance, but
It seems he died of his wounds the same day
He was patient and calm to the last, and we all
Regretted the death of such a gentleman as
He proved to be all the time serving with the
Company. Should you communicate with the
Authorities of the 131 Field Ambulance they
Might inform you of any message left by Sgt
Parry during his las moments. Please accept
The deepest sympathy of all here in your great
Loss I remain Capt G Owen”

“My Dear Mrs Parry It is with deep regret
I write to you about your dear and brave son
And am extremely sorry I am not able to convey ad
But bad news. As you have not heard from
Him for some time no doubt you are wondering
What has happened to him. Our battalion has
Been fighting hard during the last month and
Has achieved wonderful results but alas ! we
Have lost many of our brave lads in this adventure
And your dear son is one of them. Am
Not able to say the exact day he was killed as
As we only keep records of killed and the date
Is often overlooked when there has been severe fighting
Going on. He was buried the following day
Alongside many of his comrades. The
Commanding officer and all his officers in this
Company wish to convey their sincere sympathy.
He is greatly missed as his services were most
Valuable, admired by everybody and considered
A wise sober and kid hearted man. He
Played his part well and died for the sake of
Righteousness. This alone is enough to take
His soul to a place of refreshment and peace
Where the saints of God rest from labours. He
is gone to a far better land out of all pain and
horrors of war and at perfect peace with God
and man. My dear Mrs Parry accept my
sincerest sympathy and share in your terrible
sorrow May God bless you and give you
strength to endure this terrible blow I remain
yours sorrowfully moved D Davies Chaplain “

This letter was sent in answer to an enquiry
From his brother Mr. William Parry Rhondda
Valley :-

“Dear Friend, In reply to your
letter attached the only further information
possible is that your brother was wounded in
the chest and right thigh by shell near
xxxxxxx and died in the main dressing
station of 131 Ambulance. He died without
regaining consciousness and was buried in the
cemetery at xxxxxxx 28/8/18 We can
only add that everyone of this company was
deeply grieved at losing a brave comrade and
a splendid NCO With sincere sympathy
your faithfully Charle L Perry Major, Senior Chaplain”

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