Alfred REECE 1840 Clearwell (General)

by Marj Rees, Thursday, October 05, 2023, 16:40 (293 days ago) @ slowhands

Yes . I am ok on his history. It`s his father John Rees 1808-1841) that causes problems. He died in 1841,but try as I might I have not been able to fin his burial records. He died before his youngest son George Thomas died in the same year (!841).Said to be buried at st. Johns Coleford.
Problem is his father was called John and his Grandfather was called John!! Add to the confusion that they flipflop between Reece and Rees and the family seem to come from the Usk/Newchurch area where every other person is a Reece!
From my research through DNA it leads back to a Capt. David Reece Married to a Margaret and born in Usk. He was a yeoman farmer and there seems to be a connection to The Duke of Beaufort Land. I thought some fresh eyes might help. I would like to confirm that John(1760) did move to Stowe Hall Farm and where the actual farm is situated. Looking on Google Maps it shows a Stowe Court Farm but Stowe Hall as a field with barns. Is it the same farm?

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