a Missing Manuscript (General)

by Nick Dub @, Saturday, December 16, 2023, 17:42 (209 days ago)

Hoping for help finding a missing manuscript.
Hi, when my mother, Gladys Duberley, wrote the memoirs of her early life she intended to cover everything she could remember from a little girl up to the age of 21, when she got married.
The first part, mostly centred on Soudley, was published as Heaven Lies About Us, that took her story up to mid 1918. I have several versions of the second part, covering the time her family lived in Cinderford (1918-1927). I've made a pdf version of that, which is freely available.
Unfortunately, I only have 4 chapters of the third part, when she and most of her family moved to Ruardean. I am certain that there is some missing, as the final typed page I have finishes at the absolute bottom line, part way through a sentence.
Possibly mum gave the last part she was working on to someone in her literary circle for comments - I don't know. If anyone has any old papers, I'd be grateful if they could check them for me. Mum entitled this piece "Hares on the Mountain". It was typed on plain paper, and double-spaced. If the papers are in a file or folder, most likely Gladys Duberley, Varnister would be handwritten on the outside.

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