Harry William WILLIAMS born in London about 1895 (Urgent)

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just re gathering form sources to see if there are any patterns that leap out i.e. his children's names
the census is given as London, not London, Middlesex - maybe important maybe not - possible it was a "myth" created for Harry, in which case Norwich becomes a possibility.

I am aware of my family members who went "In service" to work in Birmingham and London, again in your case you may have a Forest girl who went to London, became a single parent and her child was "adopted" in the Forest.

The "adoption" may have been from a family member, or more "formally" by a Doctor or Cleric from a bereaved parent or a single mother - I suspect no formal paperwork exists ( based on experience)

3rd July 1936 Probate granted to Daisy Williams effects £200
Harry William Williams of 23 Coventry Rd Baiginton died 3 October 1935 ay Foleshill Rd Coventry

Coventry Herald 1/11/1935
“Baginton, A fall from a ladder on to moving machinery has taken from us in the prime of life Harry William Williams leaving behind a widow and four children. Mr Williams had won high esteem of his employers who spoke oh him at the inquest….

Harry W Williams aged 40 (by October 1935) BMD record

1922 WILLIAMS William Charles Harry William Daisy Drybrook
1923 WILLIAMS Donald James Harry William Daisy Drybrook
1925 WILLIAMS Harold Harold Daisy Drybrook ( Harold nor Harry why?)

1921 Census H W Williams and D Williams East Dean

1921 Quarter 1
Harry W marries Daisy Meek in East Dean

1911 Harry Hill Drybrook
Ann Parker Head Widow Female 68 1843 - Hope Mansal Hereford
Frank Parker Grandson Single Male 24 1887 Crown wood's man Westbury on Leveron
Harry Williams Adopted son Single Male 17 1894 Employed at pits Crump Meadow London

1901 Harry Hill Drybrook
Joseph Parker Head Married Male 62 1839 Coal cutter & hewer Ruardean Hill, Gloucestershire, England
Ann Parker Wife Married Female 58 1843 - Walford, Herefordshire, England
Allen Parker Grand son Single Male 16 1885 Coal cutter Gloucestershire, England
Frank Parker Grand son Single Male 14 1887 Woodman for crown Gloucestershire, England
Harry Williams Adopted son Single Male 7 1894 School London

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

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