COX, MEREDITH / JAMES and Annie FRANCIS Lydbrook 1911/21 (General)

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there are not a lot of FRANCIS folk in the area, however there is a relative who appears in 1911 Lydbrook who would be a young but potential right age to become a suspect mother to Malcolm......

1939 Lime Kiln Lydbrook
William Cox 07 Oct 1886 Male Colliery Labourer, Above Married 139 1
Caroline L Cox (Meredith) 10 Jan 1886 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties Married 139 2

William, Caroline Lily, Maisie Annice, Plus one other

Year: 1912
Month: Jan
Day: 28
Parents_Surname: MEREDITH
Child_Forenames: Frank William James
Fathers_Forenames: William John
Mothers_Forenames: Caroline Lilly
Residence: Lydbrook
Occupation: Tin Worker
Officiating_Minister: F W Bidwell
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: 20812
Page_Number: 47
Parish_Chapel: Lydbrook

Year: 1918
Month: May
Day: 2
Parents_Surname: MEREDITH
Child_Forenames: Maisie Alice
Fathers_Forenames: William John
Mothers_Forenames: Caroline Lilly
Residence: Lydbrook
Occupation: Collier
Officiating_Minister: G A Hopkins
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: Parents, Agnes May Phillips born 3/5/18
Register_Reference: P208 IN 1/2
Page_Number: 63
Parish_Chapel: Lydbrook

1911 Lime Kilns Lydbrook
William Meredith Head Married Male 24 1887 Tinworker riser Glos Lydbrook
Lily Meredith Wife Married Female 25 1886 - Glos Lydbrook
Annie Francis Niece - Female 4 1907 - Birmingham

Year: 1909
Month: Oct
Day: 17
Grooms_Surname: MEREDITH
Grooms_Forenames: William John Cox
Grooms_Age: 23
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Occupation: Tin Plate Worker
Grooms_Residence: Lydbrook
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: MEREDITH
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: Arthur
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: Tin Plate Worker
Brides_Surname: JAMES
Brides_Forenames: Caroline Lily
Brides_Age: 23
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Residence: Lydbrook
Brides_Fathers_Surname: JAMES
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: James
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: Collier
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Signature_or_Mark: both sign
Witness_1: Oliver James
Witness_2: Rose Annie Parry
Officiating_Minister: F W Bidwell
Event: Marriage
Memoranda: In entry No. 311 Col 2 and in the [illegible] signature for William John Cox Meredith [illegible] William John Price Meredith corrected on the 13th March 1921 by me G A Hopkins Vicar in the presence of the parties married William John Price Meredith Carol
Register_Reference: P208 IN 1/5
Page_Number: 156
Parish_Chapel: Lydbrook

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