Charles E DIGHTON 1826 - 1916 rector Mitcheldean (General)

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Year: 1824
Month: Feb
Day: 9
Grooms_Surname: DIGHTON
Grooms_Forenames: Charles Ellis
Groom_Condition: Batchelor
Grooms_Residence: illegible
Brides_Surname: PROBYN
Brides_Forenames: Maria
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Residence: Longhope
Licence_or_Banns: Licence
Signature_or_Mark: Both Sign
Witness_1: Edward Probyn ?]
Witness_2: John Probyn ?]
Officiating_Minister: Willia]m Pashley ?] Curate
Event: Marriage
Notes: Film records are very faint and all around this period are hard to read. In this record the forename of the groom was not clear so best guess given
Register_Reference: P206 IN 1/6
Page_Number: 13
Parish_Chapel: Longhope

Year: 1826
Month: Apl
Day: 30
Parents_Surname: DIGHTON
Child_Forenames: Charles Edward
Fathers_Forenames: Charles
Mothers_Forenames: Maria
Residence: Longhope
Occupation: Clerk
Officiating_Minister: Cha[rle]s M Dighton Vicar
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: P206 IN 1/4
Page_Number: 38
Parish_Chapel: Longhope

1841 Royal Grammar School, Holy Trinity, Guildford,
Charles Edd Dighton

1841 The Vicarage, Longhope
Robert Raikes Male 58 1783 Gloucestershire, England
Maria Dighton Female 40 1801 Gloucestershire, England

( Suspect this is the son of Robert Raikes the founder of Sunday Schools)

1851 Hazleton, Northleach
Charles G Dighton Head Married Male 25 1826 Curate of hazleton Longhope, Gloucestershire, England
Frances Dighton Wife Married Female 25 1826 - Ireland
Charles H Dighton Son - Male 0 1851 - Gloucestershire, England

1851 Oak House, Village of Newland, Newland,
Maria Dighton Head Widow Female 50 1801 Anuitant Longhope, Gloucestershire, England
Veronea Dighton Daughter Unmarried Female 24 1827 - Longhope, Gloucestershire, England
Mary Dighton Niece - Female 4 1847 - East Indies
Julia Dighton Niece - Female 3 1848 - East Indies
Catherine Dighton Niece - Female 1 1850 - East Indies

1861 Rectory, Merrin Street, Mitcheldean
Charles E Dighton Head Married Male 35 1826 Rector of mitcheldean Longhope, Gloucestershire, England
Frances Dighton Wife Married Female 35 1826 - Ireland
John Dighton Son - Male 8 1853 - Gloucestershire, England
Conway Dighton Son - Male 5 1856 - Gloucestershire, England
Millicent M Dighton Daughter - Female 4 1857 - Gloucestershire, England
Lucy S Dighton Daughter - Female 2 1859 - Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, England

Year: 1916
Month: Mar
Day: 11
Surname: DIGHTON
Forenames: Charles Edward
Residence: Maisemore
Age_at_death: 90
Officiating_Minister: A C Eyre B of Gloucester P L Park RD North Forest Nathan Jones Vicar of Hartpury
Event: Burial
Page_No: 42
Parish_Chapel: Maisemore

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