Adoption/Fostering in the 1910-1920 period -&Emily post 1923 (General)

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In England and Wales the Adoption of children legislation came in 1926

Prior to this "adoption" was under the Poor Law , the World War saw an increase in demand and the various societies involved in helping/rescuing orphaned children.

Im sure that in my research here for others in these circumstances where a mother and child(ren) has remarried "we see" in census data sometimes the children with their original surnames and most often ( I feel) with the sew family surname.

So location them in 1921 would be a first step. Unless the child went to love with an Aunt or stranger.....

from Joseph and Emily's marriage cert are her parents recorded - so that her line can be explored for the missing child ?

1901 High Street Millend, Awre,
George Goulding Head Married Male 45 1856 Salmon fisherman Arlingham, Bedfordshire, England
Emily Goulding Wife Married Female 41 1860 - Berrow
Henry Goulding Son Single Male 14 1887 - Blakeney, Gloucestershire, England
Oliver Goulding Son - Male 13 1888 - Blakeney, Gloucestershire, England
Florence Goulding Daughter - Female 11 1890 - Blakeney, Gloucestershire, England
Giles Goulding Son - Male 8 1893 - Gloucestershire, England
Ethel Goulding Daughter - Female 6 1895 - Gloucestershire, England
Agnes Goulding Daughter - Female 4 1897 - Gloucestershire, England

63 Dunmere Road, Tormoham, Devon, England
Joseph George Goulding Visitor Single Male 20 1891 H m navy Blakney Glos

post Giles death in 1923 - looks like Emily remarries in Devon

First name(s) Emily E
County Devon
Last name Goulding
Country England
Marriage quarter 1
Volume 5B
Marriage year 1924
Volume as transcribed 5B
Registration month -
Page number 549
Emily E Goulding married Robert C Vickers
Record set England & Wales Marriages 1837-2005
Spouse's last name Vickers
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
District Devonport
Subcategory Civil Marriage & Divorce
District number -
Collections from Great Britain, England

Vickers Robert C 1901
1921 Census Of England & Wales
Devonport, Devon, England

Emily's death sadly...

Deaths Sep 1930 (>99%)
Vickers Emily E 36 E.Stonehouse 5b 335

Births Jun 1894 (>99%)
Daniel Emily Ellen Bideford 5b 462

which probably helps pinpoint Emily in 1901 Kimberley Terrace, Northam, Bideford,

Richard Rendle Head Married Male 65 1836 General labourer Iddesleigh, Devon, England
Fanny Rendle Wife Married Female 66 1835 - Northam, Devon, England
Lucy Rendle Daughter Single Female 20 1881 House maid (domestic) Northam, Devon, England
Martha Daniel Daughter Widow Female 34 1867 Laundress Northam, Devon, England
George Daniel Grand son Single Male 13 1888 - Northam, Devon, England
Eva E Daniel Grand daughter Single Female 11 1890 - Northam, Devon, England
Emily Daniel Grand daughter Single Female 7 1894 - Northam, Devon, England

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