Margaret DARBY 1838 Hewlesfield (General)

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Hello Sheila,
My g.g.aunt Ellen Ward married Manoah Darby, hence my interest in the DARBY family.

I believe there are still SELBY's living in our area (Forest of Dean). Going back a while back Joe Selby ran Bream Post Office.

Maybe you you will find something of interest below.
Happy Hunting,
Peter Darby
Born: Abt. 1766 in: Brockwear Common
Married: 05 Mar 1799 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire,
Died: Apr 1847

Spouse: Elizabeth Darby
Father: William Darby
Mother: Elizabeth ?

Name: Peter Darby
Born: 1801 in: Hewelsfield, Glos
Died: Mar 1880 in: Hewelsfield Common
Married: 16 Aug 1828 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire,
Spouse: Margaret Lewis

Name: Uriah Darby
Born: Abt. 1812 in: Harthill, Hewelsfield, Glos
Died: Jan 1812 in: Hewelsfield Common

Name: Milo Darby
Born: Abt. 1799 in: Hewelsfield, Glos

Husband: Peter Darby
Born: 1801
Married: 16 Aug 1828
Died: Mar 1880
Father: Peter Darby
Mother: Elizabeth Darby

Wife: Margaret Lewis
Born: 1806
Died: Mar 1889
in: Hewelsfield, Glos

Name: Elial Darby
Born: Abt. 1829 in: Hart-hill, Hewelsfield, Glos

Name: Josiah Darby
Born: Abt. 1830 in: Brockweir Common, Glos.

Name: Mahala Darby
Born: Abt. 1832 in: Hewelsfield, Glos
Married: 26 Apr 1859 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire,
Spouse: William Wood

Name: Thirza Darby
Born: Abt. 1834 in: Hewelsfield, Glos
Married: 18 Dec 1853 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire,
Spouse: William Lewis

Name: Margaret Darby
Born: Abt. 1838 in: Hewelsfield, Glos
Married: Jun. Qtr 1876 in: Bristol
Spouse: Charles William Hill

Name: Manoah Darby
Born: 1841 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire
Died: 08 Aug 1915 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire
Married: 01 Oct 1862 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire,
Spouse(1): Ellen Ward. b.1839 d.09 Oct 1879
Married: 04 Jun 1889 in: Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire,
Spouse(2): Matilda Price

Hewelsfield Memorial Inscriptions
H.S. In Memory of Ellen Darby died. Oct 9 1879 aged 40. Also Manoah husband of
the above died Aug 8 1915 aged 74, for 36 years Clerk of Hewelsfield Church. Also John s/o the above died May 24 1909 aged 31. Also Matilda Darby died Feb 24 1911 aged 72.
Also Thomas Ward died 1881, father of the above Ellen Darby.
Name: Judith Darby
Born: Abt. 1844 in: Hewelsfield, Glos
Married: Sep. Qtr 1872 in: Bristol
Spouse: William Henry Ellaway

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