Stockwell Inn Stockwell Green ( Duplicate) (General)

by ann suttie @, Wednesday, July 20, 2005, 18:14 (5936 days ago) @ slowhands

Thankyou for the information I spent years trying to get any information on the Inn and the area untill these past few years nothing ever came of it

I have a relation in pontypridd who has been on a field trip for me to Stockwell Green and low and behold the Inn is still standing !although now a private home. I sent a photo to the Glostershire Pubs sight and a gent soon informed me that he used the photo in his book I was delighted as the picture
is so ornate with the biggest pig I have ever seen in the garden this quaint little place at last has some history to it.

As for the building it is believed to be over 250 years plus the lady who now owns it is forwarding me some information . Along with photos of the Jordan head stones that ar in St Johns church yard .


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