My family of St. Briavels (General)

by Deborah B Asbell ⌂ @, My family of St. Briavels, Wednesday, March 09, 2005, 11:00 (6927 days ago)


My grandparents lived just down the lane from the local school. My mother was Bridget, known as Biddy, Andrews. Her mother was Florence and my Grandfather was a Navy Surgeon, first name Octavius. They are buried at the Church. We lived very close to the Wildings and I was friends with Mary and Margaret. Iw as also friends with Dr. Eskells children named Jonathan, Simon, and Victoria.

I may return this summer and would love to hear from anyone in St. Briavels. My 3 children, of course, never knew their great grandparents. What a really lovely place St. Briavels is. Do you still have the Church fate in the Spring?

Deborah in Indiana

Denton / Andrews St Briavels

by slowhands @, Tuesday, March 22, 2005, 23:04 (6913 days ago) @ Deborah B Asbell

Name: Chas Lord Denton
Age in 1881: 50
Age months: 0
Estimated birth year: abt 1831
Where born: Tasmania BS
Address: Village
Civil parish: St Briavels
County/Island: Gloucestershire
Source information: RG11/5222
Registration district: Chepstow
Sub-registration district: Lydney
ED, institution, or vessel: 7
Folio: 23
Page: 2

Name: Denton, Charles Lord
Age in 1891: 60
Relation: Head
Gender: Male
Where Born: Tasmania
Civil parish: St Briavel
Ecclesiastical parish: St Briavel
County: Gloucestershire
Source information: RG12/4337
Registration district: Chepstow
Sub registration district: Lydney
ED, institution, or vessel: 9
Folio: 129
Page: 10

At his death in 1892 Chas Lord Denton left legacies for the benefit of the village.
His nephew and heir O.W. Andrews gave a site adjoining the reading room for an
assembly room, which was built in 1924.

Octavius William Andrews, Staff Surgeon in Devonport in 1901
on HMS Colossus age 35 born London

In 1881
Emily Florence Andrews abt 1871 St Pancras, Middlesex, England Daughter Kensington
Frederick Verdon Andrews abt 1871 St Pancras, Middlesex, England Son Kensington
Henry Charles Andrews abt 1828 Brabourne, Kent, England Head Kensington
Louisa Augusta Andrews abt 1832 Calcutta, India Wife Kensington
Madeline Fanny Andrews abt 1860 St Pancras, Middlesex, England Daughter Kensington
Octavius William Andrews abt 1866 St Pancras, Middlesex, England Son Kensington
Alice Emily Hart abt 1868 Kennington, Surrey, England Servant Kensington
Susanah Hart abt 1861 Lambeth, Surrey, England Servant Kensington
Address: 5 Holland Park Gds
Civil parish: Kensington
County/Island: London
Source information: RG11/0025
Registration district: Kensington
Sub-registration district: Kensington Town
ED, institution, or vessel: 13a
Folio: 113
Page: 5

In 1871 -Oakley square Marylebone London -
Today near Mornington Crescent Tube station father Henry a General Practioner- (doctor)

Emily F Andrews 9 months Pancras Daughter St Pancras London
Fredk W Andrews 9 Pancras Daughter St Pancras London
H C Andrews 43 Kent, England Head St Pancras London
Larisa A Andrews 38 Lalcutta Wife St Pancras London
O Wm Andrews 5 Pancras Son St Pancras London
Emma S Elliott 28 Tunbridge Wells Servant St Pancras London
D D Hopkins 23 Glamorgan, Wales Assistant St Pancras London
Emma Lovegrove 16 Islington Servant St Pancras London
Emily Martin 23 Wiltshire, England Servant St Pancras London
Charle Powell 22 Holland Servant St Pancras London

Source information: RG10/220
Registration district: Pancras
Sub-registration district: Somers Town
ED, institution, or vessel: 2
Folio: 65
Page: 39
Household schedule number: 178

Charles Lord DENTON 1831 - 1892 St Briavels

by slowhands @, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 11:33 (4051 days ago) @ slowhands

Name: Charles Lord Denton
Probate Date: 19 Jun 1894
Death Date: 24 Jan 1892
Death Place: Gloucestershire, England
Registry: London, England

to Octavius William Andrews Surgeon effects £12,000 11s 11d

previous probate in 1892 to Frederick Verdon Andrews

He was buried in Chepstow following a disagreement with the vicar W T Allen of St B who refused to bury him - The Western Mail carries an interesting article on this( to be transcribed)

Year: 1892
Month: Jan
Day: 30
Surname: DENTON
Forenames: Charles Lord
Residence: S[ain]t Briavels
Age_at_death: 61
Officiating_Minister: Rev[eren]d A Meggison
Event: Burial
Memoranda: [1]Gentleman [2][place of burial] Plot E [number of grave] 110 [3]Con[secrated ground] [4]St Briavels Glos
Page_No: 41
Parish_Chapel: Chepstow Municipal Cemetery

Name: Chas Lora Denton
Age: 40
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1831
Relation: Head
Gender: Male
Where born: Hobart Town, Tasmaneinia
Civil parish: St Briavel
County/Island: Gloucestershire
Country: England
Registration district: Chepstow
Sub-registration district: Lydney

Name: Charles L Denton
Age: 29
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1832
Relation: Head
Gender: Male
Where born: Kasmania
Civil parish: St Briavel
County/Island: Gloucestershire
Country: England

Street Address:

Registration district: Chepstow
Sub-registration district: Lydney

Donald Fraser abt 1812 Edinburgh, Scotland Head St Pancras, Middlesex Physician
Sarah M Fraser abt 1809 Hackney, Middlesex, England Wife St Pancras, Middlesex
Charles L Denton abt 1830 Van Dismansland British Subject Stepson St Pancras, Middlesex

looks like marriage

name: Sarah Maria Kohrs
Name: Donald Fraser
Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1849
Registration district: Hackney
Inferred County: London
Volume Number: 3
Page Number: 151

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

St. Briavels Fete - Whit Sunday

by slowhands @, Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 06:29 (6913 days ago) @ Deborah B Asbell

I guess your ancestors gave "us" Andrew's Corner to the North of St B...

Whit Sunday
Venue St Mary's Church
Tel +44 (0) 1594 530345

Each year on Whit Sunday the small village of St Briavels, in the Wye Valley, plays host to the Bread and Cheese Dole. This age old tradition sees crowds of medieval-costumed locals converge outside the local Saint Mary's Church in eager anticipation of catching dole pieces of bread and cheese that are thrown into the air from brimming baskets.

From the moment the first morsels are thrown a thrill of excitement ignites the crowd. Hands outstretched, every man, woman and child battles for his share of the bounty. There are no rules in this battle - women hoist restricting skirts and men pull out extraordinarily large hats to ensure they receive more than their fair share.

The Dole has not gone without its fair share of trouble in the past. As far back as 1816 the Gentleman's Magazine recorded that "most of the food was used as pellets; the pastor coming in for his share as he left the pulpit...". The event even had to relocate several times last century - drinking and outbreaks of fighting invariably the cause.

The origins of this unusual tradition date back to the time of Milo, Earl of Hereford, in the 12th century, although the first records are from Rudder's account, published in 1779. Dole claimers could be anyone who payed a penny to the Earl of Hereford (then lord of the Forest of Dean) entitling them to gather wood from nearby Hucknoll's woods.

Although the tradition of being able to gather wood has disappeared, the Dole lives on. Revellers believe in the power of these edible morsels and preserve them for good luck (miners originally used them as charms to protect against accidents). Today some people choose to place them in matchboxes and rest them under their pillow to inspire dreams of the future. Perhaps this event could revolutionise the welfare state? Bread and Cheese Dole - don't even think about it.

An image of the Church

There are 6 almshouses, endowed by the late Charles Lord-denton esq.
The Reading Room and Library founded in 1854 by the late Charles Lord-Denton esq. contains a library of about 2,000 volumes and a recreation and billiard room

St. Briavels House on the east side of Pystol Lane is a moderate-sized 19th-century residence, perhaps built for Charles Lord Denton, a prominent inhabitant and benefactor to the village.

From: British History Online
Source: St. Briavels. A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume V, N. M. Herbert (Editor) (1996).

Date: 22/03/2005
© Copyright 2003-2005 University of London & History of Parliament Trust

George Inn, High Street, GL15 6TA

The George, next to St. Briavels Castle, had an annual rateable value of £12.0s.0d. in 1891 and 1903. (10 p.m. closing). The George Inn is still trading. Map reference SO 558046

1856 Mrs E. Kear

1876 Joseph Grimes Kear (listed also as an assistant overseer and collector of taxes)

1885 Joseph Kear

1891 Ann Kear. Alehouse. Free from brewery tie (owner Charles Lord Denton)

1892 Mrs Joseph Kear

1902 Joseph Grimes Kear

1903 Joseph Grimes Kear. Alehouse. Arnold Perrett & Co. (reps. of Lord Charles Denton)

1906 Joseph Grimes Kear

1919,1939 William E. Burley

My family of St. Briavels

by KC, Tuesday, April 24, 2007, 10:35 (6151 days ago) @ Deborah B Asbell

Hello Deborah,

I am researching your family, specifically in relation to the St.Briavels Assembly Rooms. I am on the committee of the Rooms and I have recently secured considerable funding to restore them as they have become quite run down over the years.

I have made a website for the Rooms to support the cause and the parish of St.Briavels - and I would like to feature more information about Charles Lord Denton and Captain Octavius W.Andrews.

I also need to check of course that the information I have so far is indeed correct!

The website is

I would also love to have some photographs to put on there so we have a lasting record and testament to this generous gesture.

Can youy help?


Karen Cockfield.

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by Joy Mrchant @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 15:04 (4753 days ago) @ Deborah B Asbell

I was born in St Briavels in 1944, at my grandparents farm, Close Turf farm (between St. B and Bream) My grandparents were James and Florence Baker who had 7 children Bert,Howard,Bill,Ivy, Ruby, Muriel (who was my mother) and Edith, (who is still living) I was delivered by Dr Nanda,a predecessor of Dr Eskells. I beleive Dr Nanda was Nigerian. Apparently, it was down to him that I survived. There must be an interesting story of how he came to the village.

Unfortunately,my mum & dad left after the war to live in London and later Worcester, but I spent many happy school holidays in St Briavels. Both at Close Turf and "The Roads" farm (never short of playmates with loads of cousins) I was especially close to my Aunty Ruby (married name Lewis) who lived first in a little wooden cottage outside the village and later at Ashfield House in the village and ran a cafe there for a while, I remember the Driver and Conductor of the buses coming up for a cuppa every two hours when the bus came in to wait in the square outside the castle.

Happy days indeed. My many cousins and their families are now widespread of course. It is a very big family, but many still live in and around the village.

At the moment I am particularly interested in finding out more about my Grandmother Florence whose maiden name was Beard and is reputed to have been born in Symonds Yat possibly around 1885 and I also know very little about my Grancher, James.

Thanks for raising some happy memories. I will be interested to see if I jog anyone elses. Joy Marchant

BAKER/BEARD Marriage FOD records - 1905

by m p griffiths @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 15:20 (4753 days ago) @ Joy Mrchant

Marriage at Newland - 11 March 1905

Groom: James Edward BAKER - Age 23 (Bachelor) -occupation Farmer - residence - St Briavels

father: Edwin BAKER - occupation Baliff


Florence BEARD - age 21, Spinster - residence: Coxbury Farm, Newland

father: Edwin BEARD, Farmer

married by Banns

witnesses: Fred NURSE and Annie BEARD


by m p griffiths @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 15:29 (4753 days ago) @ m p griffiths

On the 1901 Census, Florence BEARD age 16 born Newland is a House Maid at Goodrich Court, in Herefordshire, at the home of Harold C MOFFATT - and one of 13 in-house servants - there is also a family in the Coachhouse, the head working as a Coachman, so a large and wealthy family.

Googling seems to call up quite a bit of info on Harold C MOFFATT of Goodrich Court

1901 Census, Newland
Coxbury Farm
(on marriage details)


Edwin, 59, Farmer, born Mon'shire Penalt - death on FOD - 27 February 1909 - age 70 - Coxbury Farm, Nr Redbrook
Dina - 57 - born Glos. Newland **
Edwin - 28
John - 24
Ellen - 23
William - 21
James - 14
Leonard MOORE - Servant

** FOD records - baptism at Newland, 29 January 1843, Dinah FROWEN, parents William & Esther

1891 Census

Glos. Newland
Coxbury Farm


Edward/Edwin (scribbled over) - age 50, Farmer, born Monmouthshire, Penalt
Dinah - 48 - born Scowles
Fanny - 21 - born Grove Farm
Edwin - 19 - Tinplate worker
John - 16 - Tinplate worker
Albert - 16 - all born Grove Farm (these two are twins)
William - 13 - born ditto
Annie -11 - born Coxbury Farm
Florence - 8 - born ditto
James - 5 - born ditto

1881 Census, Newland


EDWIN - 40 - Ag. labourer, born Monmouthshire
Dina - 38 - born Gloucestershire
Fannie - 11
Edwin - 8
Thomas - 7
John and Bertie (twins age 5)
Ellen - 4
William - 2

1871 Census, Newland

Thomas BEARD, 73, Farmer 180 - employing 5 men, born Glos. Framellen
William BEARD, age 32- unmarried son, born Monmouthshire, Penalt
Edwin BEARD - age 30 - born ditto
two servants, Sarah BROCH age 40, born Prestbury and George HERBERT, age 19 - born Redbrook

FOD records - marriage at Coleford, Congregation - 12 November 1871

Edwin BEARD married Dinah FROWEN - see baptism above...

1861 Census, Newland
Coxbury Farm


Thomas - 62 - farmer of 130 acres, 2 labourers, born Glos
Elizabeth - 58 - all born Monmouthshire, Penalt
William - 23 -
Edwin - 20
Elizabeth - 17

1851 Wales Census, Monmouthshire Penalt


Thomas - 47 - Tin Shearer, born Glos.
Elizabeth - (says 67) - born Penalt
James - 21 - born Staffordshire *****
Thomas - 17 - all born Penalt
George - 14
William - 13
Edwin - 9
Elizabeth -6


1861 Census, Newland, Lower Redbrook


James, age 32, Tin Shearer, born Tipton Staffordshire
Ann - 31 - born St James Bristol
Margaret Ann BEARD - age 2 born Newland

The Beard family are listed with two other families, saying all living in the same house.

1841 Census, Monmouthshire, Penalth


Thomas 38 - not born in County
Elizabeth - 35 - all born in County
James - 14
John - 11
Thomas - 8
William - 3
Edwin - 4 months


by Joy Mrchant @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 20:10 (4753 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Ok I'm hooked. This is all so fascinating. I have found out so much already today. Thankyou. Joy M.

Edwin BAKER/Charlotte WOOLES

by m p griffiths @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 17:12 (4753 days ago) @ m p griffiths

1901 Census, St Briavels

Churchyard Farm

William WILLIAMS - age 46 (line through age) - Farmer, born Glos. St Briavels
Annie WILLIAMS - age 38 - born Newnham
Samuel WOOLES - widower, father-in-law - age 73 - born Newnham ***
James E BAKER - nephew, age 20 - Waggoner on Farm, born St Briavels
Annie BAKER - niece - age 17 - born St Briavels

+ 2 servants

1891 Census, St Briavels
Roads Farm


Edward - 36 - born St Briavels
Charlotte - 43 - born Newnham
William - 14
Esther E - 12
James - 10
Annie - 8
Rose - 6
Ade E - 5
Thomas H - 3
William BURFORD - 42 (lodger)

1881 Census, St Briavels


Edwin - 28 - born Newnham
Charlotte - 33 - born St Briavels
William Edwin - 4 **
Esther Elizabeth - 2
James Edward - 4 months

** FOD - records

Baptism at Bream - 3 April 1877

William Edwin BAKER, parents Edwin (labourer) & Charlotte of Ash Cottage

Memoranda: Sponsers Th BROOKE Th (?) BROOKE - Charlotte BAKER


Edwin BAKER, married Charlotte WOOLES - J/A/S Qtr 1874, Chepstow District, Monmouthshire

1861 Census St Briavels


George - 34 - born Glos. Berkley
Amelia - 34 - born St Briavels
Edwin - 7
Elizabeth - 6
William - 4
George - 1

next door to


John - 36 - Farmer, born Hewlesfield
Sarah - 35 - St Briavels
Isaac - 11
Sarah - 9
William WILLIAMS - 7 (see 1901 census)
Carolin - 5
Emma - 10 months

Edwin BAKER/Charlotte WOOLES

by Joy Mrchant @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 19:30 (4753 days ago) @ m p griffiths

I believe James Edward Baker (son of Edwin and Charlotte) was my grandfather. He married Florence beard in 1905 and lived at Church farm until they moved to Close Turf farm St Briavels. They had 7 children that I know of.

Albert Edwin (Bert)b 1906

William Thomas (Bill) b 1907 Died in motor cycle accident 1930

Florence Ruby, Known as Ruby (later Lewis) b 1909

Ivy Gladys (later Barnett) b 1911

Muriel Irene (later Roberts) b 1913 (My Mother)

James Howard (Howard) b 1915

Edith May b 1920

Grateful for your post as I didn't know Charlotte's maiden name.

Joy Marchant

James E BAKER - 1911 census

by m p griffiths @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 21:04 (4753 days ago) @ Joy Mrchant

1911 Census,

Chuchyard Farm
St Briavels


James Edward - 30 - farmer (married 6 years) - born Gloucester St Briavels
Florence - 26 - born Gloucester, Newland
Albert Edwin - 5 - at school, born Gloucester St Briavels
William Thomas - 3 - ditto
Florence Ruby - 1 - ditto
George WILLIS, single age 42 Cowman born Hereford Weston U P

James E BAKER - Close Turf Farm

by Joy Mrchant @, Saturday, February 19, 2011, 22:05 (4753 days ago) @ m p griffiths

I knew that my Gran Florence had worked in service at Goodrich court. Nice to have it confirmed,with details too.

What a worker she was. Not only having a child every couple of years but they eventually owned and worked both Close Turf and the Roads farms. Kept all their children and grandchildren going throughout both World Wars.

She died it the age of 79 because she broke her hip in a fall while she was cleaning the dairy.
James was gruff and a bit scary. They had their own very quiet sitting room at Close Turf, they must have needed it as they had around 27 grandchildren, Many of whom were often around.

It was a wonderful family to grow up in.

Close Turf farmhouse was eventually turned into Close Turf country club by my uncle, which people might remember.

Appreciate your help and interest. So glad I found this site. Joy.

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by fez4180, Thursday, September 22, 2011, 14:27 (4538 days ago) @ Joy Mrchant

my grandfather was howard....
i grew up on the farm which is still there and now howards youngest son brian with his wife carol and their son richard....
howards wife kath is still alive and well living in lydney..

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by Joy Mrchant @, Thursday, September 22, 2011, 22:10 (4538 days ago) @ fez4180

How lovely to hear from you, If you grew up on Close turf farm. Are you one of Pam and Geoff's children. If so I wonder if you would remember living next to Aunty Ruby where you once played with my children, when we stayed with Ruby. Probably not that was in 1968 or 9.
Im so glad Aunty Kath is doing well. She and Ruby and Edie were so good to me when I was a child and ran around with the tribe in my school holidays. Pam and I still exchange xmas cards and I get some of the family news from cousin Jean. who is very faithful in keeping in touch. God Bless..... from Joy

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by unknown, Thursday, September 22, 2011, 18:31 (4538 days ago) @ Joy Mrchant

Hi Joy.
Just a short note.
I remember howard baker well last few years he lived in aylburton my gt grandmother was a cousin to them. Im from the morse clan who live at st briavels

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by Joy Mrchant @, Thursday, September 22, 2011, 22:25 (4538 days ago) @ unknown

Hello Paul,
Thanks for your reply, It brings back so many memories hearing from people on this site. We must be part of a massive spread of families from the Forest and especially from St Briavel's who ae related in some way. I feel so priveleged to have some roots there. As you see from my other posts. I spent many happy weeks of my summer hols as a child there. God Bless.. from Joy

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by Susan Cuff, Sunday, September 25, 2011, 17:01 (4535 days ago) @ Joy Mrchant

Hello Joy,

My name is Susan Cuff (nee Baker) I am Kath and Howard's youngest daughter, my son Damian made me aware of this site and it was he who responded to you in an earlier post.

I grew up at close turf with Pamela, Wendy, John, David, Brian and Elizabeth and I am glad to say we are all still around and healthy. I no longer live in the area but regularly visit my Mum Kath and all of the others still live in and around Mum. You are aware that Brian now runs the farm. Did you ever go to 'bread and cheese' on whitSunday at St Briavels? I can still remember as plain as if it was only yesterday Aunty Nue (Muriel) and Uncle Billy. It was lovely to see the posts and remember the Family mentioned. Take care. Susan.

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by Joy Mrchant @, Sunday, September 25, 2011, 22:32 (4535 days ago) @ Susan Cuff

Hi Sue,
Thanks so much for writing. I have so much enjoyed reading the posts. I remember so many happy times on the farm and of course remember all of you well (especially 'Lu and Sue' when you were the age my little granddaughters are now).

Mum and Dad (Nu and Billy) sadly,aren't around now of course.

Yes, we came back to St Briavels for 'Bread n Cheese' several times over the years. Dave & I came one Whitsun and we also came to Aunty Ruby's funeral and met several of you again. Jean often gives me a ring at birthdays and Christmas.

I did a bit of digging into the generations back from Grannie and Grancher Baker and went right back to the 1500's thanks to this site. Although I don't know if my research was totally accurate. It amazed me to know how far back the family actually went, all within the Forest of Dean. And there were people from as far away as Canada and America, who matched up with the ancestors I was uncovering so there must have been a bit of emigration going on at some point. It would be fascinating to find out more but it's harder and more expensive to delve outside of dedicated sites like this one, which is brilliant.

I am unsure about putting too much personal information on this site for anybody to access, but I am on facebook as Joy Marchant (previously Harvey) we live at Bewdley. So if you or somebody in the family is on facebook. Provided they identify themselves as someone within the family. You or they can send me a message and I will be so pleased to put you on as a 'friend'. Then we can communicate by email and catch up even more.

Love to all your family,
from Joy x

My family of St. Briavels BEARD/BAKER/LEWIS

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Sunday, September 25, 2011, 22:43 (4535 days ago) @ Joy Mrchant

Hi Joy & Sue,
re your sensible dislike of posting personal/sensitive information on this public forum, you may be pleased to know that instead you can contact any other forum members "offline" and directly into their private home email inbox without being displayed on the public pages.

See the "Help FAQ" pages from the menu above or

Basically click on the envelope icon next to a user's name on any thread.

I hope this helps, it seems like you two have much to talk about which is great.

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