Charles NELMES, my great-grandfather (General)

by C N Beattie @, Monday, February 21, 2005, 00:28 (7087 days ago)

My 90 year old father would love to connect with any relative of Charles NELMES,my great-grandfather, who emigrated to Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, in 1870.

I have very little written info to go on, and am actively following up the US leads, but have also done some looking in Gloucestershire. Charles said his parents were James and Jane, that he came from Sharpness, Berkeley. I have found a Charles, son of James and Jane, baptised in Abenhall (Abinghall) in 1845, which is about the right date. (all written records give different birthdates!)and wonder if there is a Forest of Dean connection.

His brother Phillip N(ehemiah?) also came to Mass. Philip visited England in the early 1920's and in a postcard refers to "visiting the folks in Shapridge and Cinderford" and mentions going to London with "Reuben". Charles married Mary (Ann) Drew, also of Glos/Here, daughter of John Drew and Mary James. I know I probably don't have enough info, but would love to find a connection for my father.

Charles NELMES, my great-grandfather

by slowhands @, Monday, February 21, 2005, 22:19 (7086 days ago) @ C N Beattie

Some idaes >>>

Charles NELMES (1845) in 1851 East Dean

NELMES James 51 Wood Cutter Abinghall
James 45 Abinghall
James 18 Wood Cutter East Dean
Charlotte 15 East Dean
Jane 13 East Dean
Charles 6 East Dean
George 4 East Dean

by 1871 this is the family unit in Shapridge, East Dean
James Frowen 29 Linton, Herefordshire, England Son-in-law East Dean Gloucestershire
Jane Frowen 33 Shapridge E Dean, Gloucestershire, England Daughter East Dean Gloucestershire
James Nelmes 74 Abenhall, Gloucestershire, England Head East Dean Gloucestershire
Joseph Nelmes 41 Shapridge E Dean, Gloucestershire, England Son East Dean Gloucestershire
Mary Nelmes 26 Westbury on Severn, Gloucestershire, England Daughter-in-law East Dean Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Nelmes 7 months Taynton, Gloucestershire, England Granddaughter East Dean Gloucestershire
Sarah Nelmes 6 Taynton, Gloucestershire, England Granddaughter East Dean Gloucestershire

Thomas Nelmes Berkley / Cinderford - a young Reuben

In 1871 Pembroke Road in "Cinderford" - recorded as Flaxley
Alfred Nelmes 6 months Cinderford, Gloucestershire, England Son Flaxley Gloucestershire
Catherine Nelmes 6 Lea Hamlet, Gloucestershire, England Daughter Flaxley Gloucestershire
Mary Nelmes 36 Monmouth, Wales Wife Flaxley Gloucestershire
Reuben Nelmes 2 Lea Hamlet, Gloucestershire, England Son Flaxley Gloucestershire
Thomas Nelmes 38 Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England Head Flaxley Gloucestershire
Wm H Nelmes 11 Lea Hamlet, Gloucestershire, England Son Flaxley Gloucestershire

same family in 1881 again Pembroke Road Cinderford
Alfred Nelmes abt 1871 Cinderford Son Flaxley
Alice Nelmes abt 1881 Cinderford Daughter Flaxley
Catherine Nelmes abt 1865 Cinderford Daughter Flaxley
Emma Nelmes abt 1878 Cinderford Daughter Flaxley
George S. Nelmes abt 1875 Cinderford Son Flaxley
Mary Nelmes abt 1842 Monmouth, Wales Wife Flaxley
Mary E. Nelmes abt 1873 Cinderford Daughter Flaxley
Reuben Nelmes abt 1869 Cinderford Son Flaxley
Thos. Nelmes abt 1835 Berkeley (East Dean) Head Flaxley
Wm. Nelmes abt 1867 Cinderford Son Flaxley

Charles NELMES, my great-grandfather

by Con @, Friday, February 25, 2005, 13:35 (7083 days ago) @ slowhands

Thank you for all that census info. I only have sporadic access to Ancestry, so had not yet found all those. I will piece them together. Only wish they had kept in touch across the Atlantic--hard to sort out at this distance.
Thanks again, will save it all.

James NELMES, 1841

by Slowhand-s @, Wednesday, June 01, 2005, 17:23 (6987 days ago) @ slowhands

1841 Shapridge HO 107 364 8 folio 23

NELMES James 40 Ag Lab
Jane 35
William 19
Joseph 11
James 9
Charlotte 5
Jane 3

all born in county

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