John THOMAS baptised 1801 Westbury-on-Severn (General)

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I am searching for two wives for John Thomas, baptism Sept 27,1801, Westbury-on-Severn. Family records claim he had one son by the first marriage and two daughters by the second (one of whom died young). There is a FOD record for Newham showing a John Thomas married Mary Ann Mountjoy 1853 and this may have been his second marriage. If this is my relative he would have been 52 at the time. I have no death/burial date for John.

John THOMAS 1801

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No clear census "footprint" trail

Mary Thomas abt 1776 Little Dean, Gloucestershire, England Widow Newnham, Gloucestershire
John Thomas abt 1801 Westbury, Gloucestershire, England Nephew Newnham, Gloucestershire

Mary Thomas abt 1776 Gloucestershire, England Newnham, Gloucestershire
Sarah Merry abt 1826 Gloucestershire, England Newnham, Gloucestershire

Could he be this one ?

1841 Bream
John Thomas abt 1801 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire
Henery Thomas abt 1806 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire
Charlotta Thomas abt 1811 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire
Maryann Thomas abt 1826 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire
Charlotta Thomas abt 1828 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire
Henery Thomas abt 1831 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire
John Thomas abt 1834 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire
William Thomas abt 1839 Gloucestershire, England Dean Forest, Gloucestershire

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

John THOMAS 1801

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Thank you, Slowhands. I'm a bit confused - where does one find the 1851 census? I only saw 1841 and 1861 on FODFH. Also, I'm not sure which person you mean when you say "could he be this one".

John THOMAS 1801

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Looking at the 1851 census, with John THOMAS, unmarried age 50 (the address looks like, Skin House, Newnham) - John being born in Westbury, Glos (and I think a Farmer - as is the widow Mary) - which ties up with the occupation of John when he married 'Mountjoy' in 1853

FOD records - Marriage at Newnham- 7 June 1853

John THOMAS, widower, Farmer, father: John THOMAS, Farmer


Mary Ann MOUNTJOY, Spinster,
Father: William MOUNTJOY, Coal Miner, by licence

witnesses: Thomas MOUNTJOY + M.A. (illegible)

The 1841 census with John THOMAS living with Henry & Charlotte...


Henry THOMAS married Charlotte JENKINS, at Newland 10 October 1825

(both Hundred of St Braivels)

witnesses: Thomas WILLIAMS and Mark of Elizabeth HINDEN


There is a Baptism of a Henry THOMAS - 5 April 1807, parents John & Ann @ Newent

If you use the Advance Search for children of John & Ann THOMAS in Newent, John was a Barge Owner, Boatman - so some siblings, could have been baptised elsewhere?


1841,1851,1861,1871,1881,1891,1901,1911 census' all transcribed on Ancestry

John THOMAS 1801

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Thank you for your information which matches mine for John's marriage to Mary Ann Mountjoy - the witness name was Teague. There is a FOD record of John Thomas farmer bachelor marrying Susan Lloyd in 1838. My family records show this marriage produced one son. I'm wondering if Susan died in childbirth or close to and that's why John shows living with other people in 1841. I haven't found a date of death for Susan. And I'm not sure how to find the child plus the 2 daughters from the second marriage. I'm still very new to all this.

There is no Henry Thomas in my written family history - as far as I know he isn't 'mine'.


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If you use the website

and look for a birth of a child : surname: THOMAS, mother's maiden name LLOYD

you will find Edward THOMAS - 1839 - Forest of Dean, Westbury on Severn - Newnham (J/F/M Qtr 1839 WOS- FreeBDM)

As there was an Edward THOMAS c1838 in Newent, parents Henry & Elizabeth, the census returns will need some work! - I think this Edward THOMAS went 'North' looking at the census'

For Starters

On the 1881 census, for Middx. Chiswick we have

7 Avenue Terrace

Edward THOMAS - age 42, Stoker Oil Mills - born Glos. Newnham
Jane THOMAS - age 44 - born Surrey, Trentham or Trensham

(there is a Jane THOMAS on the 1901 census, Surrey, Leatherhead, age 67 Widow - born Trensham, Surrey)


1851 Census, Staffordshire, Wednesbury
Rufsell Street

(think this could be Edward THOMAS, from a wealthy family - born Newnham)

Rufsell Street

William MILES, 32, National School Master, born Radnorshire
Mary MILES - wife - born Glos. Frampton
Maria SMITH - sister-in-law umnmarried, age 30 - born Frampton
Maria WILSON, 16 H/S. Derby
Edward THOMAS, Scholar, Boarder, age 11, born Glos. Newham

1841 Census, Horsley

Susan THOMAS - 25 - Indp
Edward THOMAS - 2


At the moment, can't see Edward 1861/1871 census c1839, England (only CLDS - in Canada/America)

Susan LLOYD (Witness Robert C LLOYD)

by m p griffiths @, Friday, August 26, 2011, 09:53 (3312 days ago) @ sechelt

Marriage at Newnham - 24 May 1838

John THOMAS, full age, Bachelor, Farmer, residence: Newham

father: John LLOYD, Farmer


Susan LLOYD, full age, Spinster

residence: Newnham

father: Ebenezer LLOYD, Woolstapler (which seems to be a Dealer in wool)

by Banns

witnesses: Robt C LLoyd and Mary Needham



Baptised at St Stephens, Church, Bristol

6 August 1820, Susannah LLOYD, father: Ebenezer & Elizabeth (also brother Charles christened the same day) - Marriage at Bristol 31 November 1813 - Ebenezer LLOYD and Elizabeth HALL


There is an Ebenezer LLOYD age 76 c1795 on the 1871 Census for Bristol in the Almhouses !



On the net for 1830 Pigots Directory for Tewkesbury there is an Ebenezer LLOYD - who is a Worsted Mfg & Hat Mfg

Gloucestershire Burial Index: at Tetbury , Ebenezer LLOYD - 10 April 1840 - age 63


Gloucestershire Marriage Index

Ebenezer LLOYD married Elizabeth JARRETT 25 September 1804, Cirencester

Susan LLOYD (Witness Robert C LLOYD) + Ebenezer

by m p griffiths @, Friday, September 02, 2011, 09:00 (3305 days ago) @ m p griffiths

A Robert C LLOYD was a witness at the wedding of John THOMAS first marriage to Susan LLOYD - Newnham in 1838


On the 1851 Census, Wiltshire, The Abbey - District 6 Malmesbury

Near the Abbey Church

Robert C LLOYD - Head - Mar - 66 Landed Proprietor - born Ross, Herefordshire
Anne LLOYD - wife - 56 - Fundholder & Annuitant - born London
Ellen LLOYD - Niece - unmarried - 31 - born Bristol (did give a Susan LLOYD baptism at Bristol 6 Aug 1820 - father Ebenezer)
Mary STRAINGE - Servant, unmarried - 27 - born Tytherton, Wilts

1841 Census, Wiltshire, Malmesbury
The Abbey


Robert - 55 - Yeoman - all not born in County
Anne - 40
Ellen - 20
George - 15
William - 15
Martha DAVIES - Servant - 15 - born in County



Church of Latter Day Saints

Baptism at Kyrle Street Independent, Ross on Wye Herefordshire (Non-Conformist Record Index)

Robert Cove Lloyd - parents Wm & Hannah (23 August 1784)


Marriage Certificate on Ancestry

21 June 1836 at Christ Church St Marylebone, Middx by Licence

Robert Cove Lloyd of the District of Christ Church, Marylebone in the County of Middlesex, Widower - and Ann Hawthorn GREEN of the same District, Spinster were married in this Church by Licence this 21 day of June 1836

by me: Sanderson Robins, Minister of Christ Chapel

In the presence of William GALE, Mary Ann GALE, Ellen MORRIS



Church of Latter Day Saints

Christening at Old Meeting House, Independent, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Ebenezer LLOYD - 14 January 1765

Father: COVE LLOYD - Mother Ann LLOYD (Married 29 October 1750, Tetbury

previous reply gave a death in Tetbury 10 April 1840 (age 63 c1777)- of Ebenezer LLOYD) - and 1830 Pigots Directory - lists him as a Worsted Mfg & Hag Mfg. Susan LLOYD gave her father's occupation as 'Woolstapler' (a Dealer in Wool)


On Ancestry Ebenezer LLOYD is well documented in Trade Directories for Tetbury including the 1839 Pigots

Lloyd, Ebenezer : Hatter, Woolstapler, Furrier, and Worsted Spinner - address: Market Place

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

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previous threads

(Thomas MOUNTJOY (assume her brother) was a witness at Mary Ann MOUNTJOY's wedding to John THOMAS)

1881 Census, Sallow Vablets? Lodge

William BRISCOE, 55 Crown Wood Keeper, born Ireland
Mary Ann BRISCOE - 60 - born Newland
Elizabeth S THOMAS - Niece, age 25, unmarried born Newnham
Elizabeth S THOMAS, Niece, 11 months


1871 Census, West Dean
Velots? Lodge

William BRISCOE, 46 Forest Keeper, born Ireland
Mary Ann BRISCOE, - 40 - born East Dean (this I think, is Mary Ann THOMAS nee MOUNTJOY) ***
Richard - son - 18
Sophia - 16
Ann - 15

and living with them

Elizabeth S.M. THOMAS, Niece, 15 (this is Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy THOMAS)

**** this is the 1861 census for William BRISCOE born Ireland at West Dean

William 36, his wife is Sophia, age 36, and children

William Edward 13, John Frederick 11, George Richard 8, Sophia 6, Elizabeth Ann - 5 and Mary Ann - 2


1861 Census, Causeway Road

Mary Ann THOMAS, Widow, age 40, Grocer, born East Dean
Elizabeth S. M. THOMAS age 5 - born Newnham
Mirah THOMAS - age 3 - born Newnham *
Maria SMITH - age 16, Domestic Servant
William YEMM - Lodger, Widower, age 60

FOD records, baptism at Newnham - 7 June 1857

Mirah THOMAS, parents John & Mary Ann, Newnham (Farmer)

Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy THOMAS - 7 June 1857, parents John & Mary Ann THOMAS, farmer, Newnham


THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

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I have just caught up with this thread as I have - again - had to change my Forum page order back to date of last reply, which I believe should be the standard and only order. New threads would then automatically appear in the right order and replies on old threads will not be lost in the mists of time.

Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy Thomas was born 9 Aug 1855, baptised 9 Sep 1855 :

Year: 1855
Month: Sep
Day: 9
Parents_Surname: THOMAS
Child_Forenames: Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy
Fathers_Forenames: John
Mothers_Forenames: Mary Ann
Residence: Newnham
Occupation: Farmer
Officiating_Minister: E C Brice
Event: Baptism
Register_Reference: P228 IN 1/9
Page_Number: 83
Parish_Chapel: Newnham

She had 9 illegitimate children between 1875 and the last one Owen Robinson Thomas born 4 Dec 1889. All children changed their name to Briscoe and I believe this was because their father was William Briscoe 1825 who was Mary Ann Mountjoy's second husband. Her first John Thomas having died around 1861, she re married to William Briscoe 1825 on 21 Oct 1861. Mary Ann Briscoe nee Mountjoy herself died in 1863.

Owen Robinson Thomas 1889 married my great aunt Bernice Lily Marfell 2 Feb 1890. I have Owen Robinson's birth certificate with surname Thomas and his marriage certificate surname Briscoe.

1871 Census West Dean
William Briscoe abt 1825 Ireland Head
Mary Ann Briscoe abt 1831 East Dean, Wife
Ann Briscoe abt 1856 East Dean Daughter
Richard Briscoe abt 1853 East Dean Son
Sophia Briscoe abt 1855 East Dean Daughter
Elizabeth S M Thomas abt 1856 East Dean Niece

1881 Census Sallow Vallets Lodge, West Dean
William Briscoe abt 1826 Ireland Head
Mary Ann Briscoe abt 1821 Newland Wife
Elizabeth S. Thomas abt 1856 Newnham Niece
Elizabeth S. Thomas abt 1880 West Dean Niece

1891 Census West Dean
William Briscoe 64 Crown Keeper ireland
Mary Ann 73 Cinderford
Elizabeth S Thomas niece 35 dress Maker Newnham
George H Briscoe nephew 16 West Dean
Elizabeth S Thomas niece 10 West Dean
John W nephew 9 West Dean
Mirah A niece 8 West Dean
William nephew 6 West Dean
Jane S 5 niece West Dean
Randle nephew 4 West Dean
Martin H nephew 2 West Dean
Owen R nephew 1 West Dean

Another of Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy Thomas's illegitimate children Elizabeth Sophia Thomas born 16 Oct 1880 Married as Elizabeth Sophia Briscoe to my 8th cousin once removed Frederick Meek 1876 on 25th November 1897, her father was shown as William Briscoe. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1920 with her son Leslie John Randolph Meek aged 17. The New Zealand archives says he became a school headmaster and retired in 1971.

1901 Census Hope Mansell
Fredk Meeks abt 1876 Drybrook Head carter in pit
Elizabeth S Meeks abt 1880 Lydbrook Wife
William H Meeks abt 1898 Drybrook Son
John Briscoe abt 1882 Lydbrook Brother-in-law
Matthew Briscoe abt 1889 Lydbrook Brother-in-law
Myra Annie Briscoe abt 1883 Lydbrook Sister-in-law
Owen Briscoe abt 1891 Lydbrook Brother-in-law
Randolph Briscoe abt 1887 Lydbrook Brother-in-law
William Briscoe abt 1885 Lydbrook Brother-in-law

1911 Census
MEEK FREDERICK M 1876 35 Ross Herefordshire
MEEK ELIZABETH SOPHIA F 1880 31 Ross Herefordshire
MEEK LESLIE JOHN RANDOLPH M 1902 9 Ross Herefordshire
MEEK WILLIAM FREDERICK HOWARD M 1898 13 Ross Herefordshire

Another of Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy Thomas's illegitimate children John William Thomas born 13 Sep 1881 married my 6th cousin once removed Ellen Roberts 1886 and used a slight variation on his name :

Year: 1904
Month: Nov
Day: 28
Grooms_Surname: THOMAS
Grooms_Forenames: John William Briscoe
Grooms_Age: 23
Groom_Condition: Bachelor
Grooms_Occupation: Collier
Grooms_Residence: Abertillery S Wales
Grooms_Fathers_Surname: Thomas
Grooms_Fathers_Forenames: William
Grooms_Fathers_Occupation: deceased
Brides_Surname: ROBERTS
Brides_Forenames: Ellen
Brides_Age: 19
Brides_Condition: Spinster
Brides_Occupation: [not stated]
Brides_Residence: Drybrook
Brides_Fathers_Surname: Roberts
Brides_Fathers_Forenames: Joseph
Brides_Fathers_Occupation: deceased
Licence_or_Banns: Banns
Date_of_Banns: [not stated]
Signature_or_Mark: both sign
Witness_1: Thomas Turner
Witness_2: Edith Roberts
Officiating_Minister: James Lawton Vicar
Event: Marriage
Register_Reference: P109 IN 1/9
Page_Number: 58
Parish_Chapel: Drybrook

Jim Ashton

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

by sechelt @, Thursday, September 01, 2011, 20:36 (3306 days ago) @ jimashton

Jim, this is absolutely wonderful and very thorough information. What I'm not clear on is how can the children be illegitimate if Mary Ann married Briscoe. I'm impressed by your understanding of cousins, i.e. 8th cousin once removed.

Thanks very much for your reply.

Katherine Johnston

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

by unknown, Friday, September 02, 2011, 02:49 (3306 days ago) @ sechelt

My name is Geraint Briscoe and my great grandfather was William Briscoe born William Thomas (1884-1958) and he was another child of Elizabeth Sophia Thomas, who in turn was a child of Mary Ann Mountjoy who became a Thomas and then finally a Briscoe when in 1861 she married William Briscoe, (1825-1897) the Forest Keeper.

There were 8 children all born between 1880-1889 at Sallow Vallets Lodge which was the home of William Briscoe and Mary Ann. All of these children had no father on their birth certificate and were born Thomas. On the 1891 census all these children appear at Sallow Vallets Lodge as William Briscoe's "nieces and nephews".

On the next census in 1901 William Briscoe, Mary Ann Briscoe and Elizabeth Sophia Thomas,the mother of all those 8 kids have died and the kids all now have the surname Briscoe and that is how they all stayed up to when they died or married for the females. The illegitimate part comes from a lot of people (including me) think that William Briscoe was the father of all those 8 Thomas kids born to Elizabeth Sophia Thomas.

If that was the case then it means that William Briscoe was getting his step-daughter pregnant many times and Elizabeth was having relations with her Mother's husband. That would explain why he couldn't allow his name as father on the birth certificates. Of course this can never be proven unless we dig him up and do DNA and I have been in touch with people who don't believe William to have fathered the 8 Thomas kids so it is a matter of how you see things.

If William was not the father though, then who was? Was it the same father or many different men? I do know that in the 1880's William and Mary Ann were struggling financially and healthwise. Raising children didn't come cheap so unless William was the father I struggle to see that he would allow his step-daughter to become pregnant 8 times and continue to live in his house.

I think everyone that could answer that question has now taken their secrets to their grave and as I say, only DNA now can tell the truth and I doubt very much that anyone will bother. I don't even know if it would be allowed. I have a great many birth, marriage and death cetificates on this family.

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

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Answering a number of responses.

There is a formula for working out relationships which accords with a shared grand or great grand parent. But I just let my computer software work it out !!

Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy Thomas born 9 Aug 1855 was the mother of the 9 children but she never married. She died in 1892 still as Elizabeth Sophia Thomas

Year: 1892
Month: Jan
Day: 10
Surname: THOMAS
Forenames: Elizabeth Sophia
Residence: Valletts Lodge
Age_at_death: 37
Officiating_Minister: C.Barnes Vicar
Event: Burial
Register_Reference: PFC82 IN 1/14
Page_No: 102
Parish_Chapel: Christchurch.

I have already mentioned 3 of Elizabeth Sophia Thomas’s children, those that are subsequently related to me by marriage. Detailed below is some information about the other 6 :

George H Thomas born 1875

Mira Annie Thomas born 1883 married Frank Scrivens born 1884 Stroud on 12 Apr 1909. 2 children Kathleen Annie 1909 and Cecil J 1916

William Thomas born 24th Apr 1884 Married Beatrice Wood born 11 Sep 1881on 13 Nov 1911 4 children – Phyllis May 1912, Elsie 8 Feb 1914, Leslie Randolph 16 Jun 1916, William Emrys 2 May 1919.

Jane Sophia Thomas born 1885

Randolph Thomas born 22 Nov 1886, Emigrated to USA 1906, appears on the 1930 census for Wayne Michigan. Died 21 May 1971, Trenton, Michigan

Martin Henry Thomas born 16 May 1888 a.k.a. Matthew. Emigrated to USA 1913 and lived in Detroit, Michigan, appears on the 1930 census for Wayne Michigan. Died 12 Feb 1960 Detroit, Michigan.

I am certainly not making judgements about Elizabeth Sophia Thomas's illegitimate children and her relationship with William Briscoe. I have a lot of illegitimate children in my Family Tree. Some of which have "Bastard" on their baptism record. One of my own great grandfathers was illegitimate and I only discovered comparatively recently that he had 2 illegitimate siblings. In the UK the number of children born to unmarried mothers now exceed those born in marriage.

Jim Ashton

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

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Correction to my posting regarding Elizabeth Sophia Thomas's children, now 8 not 9.

I have received an email from Geraint Briscoe who has added to this thread relating to George H Briscoe, which I picked up from the 1891 Census :

1891 Census West Dean
William Briscoe 64 Crown Keeper ireland
Mary Ann 73 Cinderford
Elizabeth S Thomas niece 35 dress Maker Newnham
George H Briscoe nephew 16 West Dean
Elizabeth S Thomas niece 10 West Dean
John W nephew 9 West Dean
Mirah A niece 8 West Dean
William nephew 6 West Dean
Jane S 5 niece West Dean
Randle nephew 4 West Dean
Martin H nephew 2 West Dean
Owen R nephew 1 West Dean

Hi Jim,
Thanks for clearing that up. OK now I get the George H Briscoe you mean. I have researched him and he really was William Briscoe's nephew. His father was Richard Briscoe brother of William, and Richard commited suicide in Abergavenny Lunatic Asylum in 1883. The son George must have been taken in by his uncle.

Regards Geraint.

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

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Am I right to assume that on the 1871 West Dean Census that Ann, Richard and Sophie Briscoe are William Briscoe's children from a previous marriage? Do you know what happened to Mirah 1857, born to Mary Ann and John Thomas?

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

by jimashton @, Friday, September 02, 2011, 16:24 (3305 days ago) @ sechelt

In answer to the first part of your question - Yes !! See earlier census details :

1841 Census
HO 107 / 364 /8 folio 9
Little Dean Lodge

William BRISCOE 63 Forest Keeper
Johanna 36
William 17
Henary 15
Richard 13
Edward 10
John 5
Catherine 8
Jane 2
Elizabeth 6m

All except Jane and Elizabeth born out of country, I ( Ireland)

1851 East Dean
BRISCOE William 26 Woodman Ireland
Sophia 27 East Dean
William 3 East Dean
John 1 East Dean

1861 West Dean
William Briscoe abt 1825 Ireland Head
Sophia Briscoe abt 1825 Newland Wife
Elizabeth Ann Briscoe abt 1856 East Dean Daughter
George Richard Briscoe abt 1853 East Dean Son
John Frederick Briscoe abt 1850 East Dean Son
Mary Ann Briscoe abt 1859 East Dean Daughter
Sophia Briscoe abt 1855 East Dean Daughter
William Edward Briscoe abt 1848 Newland Son

This is a very complicated story - and bear in mind that only 3 of the children in my previous posting are related to me. However, I usually research siblings and parents of spouses and sometimes get carried away.

William Briscoe 1825 son of William Briscoe 1795 Kilkenny, Ireland and Johanna Aylward 1803 Newmarket, Ireland. William had 8 siblings - but I am not going to list them. William Briscoe 1825's first marriage was on 4 Nov 1846 to Sophia Mountjoy 1823 (baptised age 4)they had 8 children. Sophia died 30 Jun 1861. He then married her older sister Mary Ann Mountjoy 1817 on 21 Oct 1861 (Grass Growing & Feet springs to mind). No children, but she had previously been married to John Thomas 1827 on 7 Jun 1853, 2 children Mirah 1858 and Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy 1855. I don't know what happened to Mirah.

William Briscoe 1795 was the son of Henry Briscoe 1763 Kilkenny, Ireland and Jayne Hayes. As we are now a very long and convoluted way away from the 3 illegitimate children of Elizabeth Sophia Mountjoy 1855, you may not be surprised to learn that I have not researched further back.

Jim Ashton

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

by unknown, Friday, September 02, 2011, 18:10 (3305 days ago) @ jimashton

The children on the 1871 census are William Briscoe's children from his previous marriage to Sophia Mountjoy who was sister of Mary Ann Mountjoy his second wife. 3 months after the death of Sophia, William married Mary Ann her widowed sister.

As for Mirah Thomas, she died in 1863 aged 6.

THOMAS/MOUNTJOY/BRISCOE - previous threads

by SharonEyres, Friday, January 10, 2020, 07:02 (253 days ago) @ jimashton

William BRISCOE m Sophia Mary MOUNTJOY, they are my 3rd GGrandparents.
Their daughter Elizabeth Ann BRISCOE b. 1856 m Joseph Thomas MOUNTJOY in 1878, they immigrated to New Zealand. (my 2nd GGrandparents)
Their daughter Cassandra MOUNTJOY b. 1888 m Ernest Alfred EYRES in 1914 Wellington NZL. (my GGrandparents)
Their only child Dudley Francis Briscoe EYRES is my Grandfather.
Although most of the information is correct there are a few variables.
I have traced my BRISCOE family to my 8th GGrandfather Edward BRISCOE 1651-1709 m Rebecca. They are from Kilkenny Tybroughney House.

My MOUNTJOY family have siblings/marriages back to my 5th GGrandparents.

Should you wish for clarity or further information I would be more than happy to share what I do have.

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