by admin ⌂, Forest of Dean, Monday, July 08, 2019, 13:51 (1689 days ago)

It is very clear that many of our subscribers are not reading and adhering to Posting Guidelines which contain matters of great importance. In particular we refer to the posting of personal data of living persons and the search for living relatives.

The posting of personal data is not only a breach of General Data Protection Regulations but also poses a severe risk of Identity Theft and despite our post on 4 February we have seen a further breach. If a subscriber wishes to communicate such information and has the authority to do so then it must be direct to the person intended. If we see further breaches the relative posting will be deleted without warning. Guidance on the use of the site's email system can be found under Help-FAQ

In recent days we have seen an example of a subscriber seeking the whereabouts of a relative. We appreciate that there are occasions when good reasons may exist but it is a long established rule on this site not to allow such searches. The reasons are clearly set out in the Guidelines.


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