Joseph John Taylor (Parish Records)

by jenata, Thursday, April 16, 2020, 00:00 (1467 days ago)


Please can someone help, I am trying to find the above in the 1891 census for Newent Gloucestershire.

Have him in the 1861,1871, as living with his parents, John and Sarah Taylor

Also have a John Taylor in 1891 along with son Enoch age 9

Enoch parents are John Taylor, but cant find any mention of his mother.

Another thought, could Joseph John and John be the same person.

Help in this brick wall would be greatly appreciated



Joseph John Taylor

by probinson @, S. Oxon, Thursday, April 16, 2020, 09:39 (1467 days ago) @ jenata

Is this the person you are looking for?

1861 census

25 John Taylor Head 35 1826 Male Linton Herefordshire England
25 Sarah Taylor Wife 30 1831 Female Minsterworth Gloucestershire England
25 Sarah Taylor Daughter 9 1852 Female Newent Gloucestershire England
25 Ann Taylor Daughter 6 1855 Female Newent Gloucestershire England
25 John Taylor Son 3 1858 Male Newent Gloucestershire England

1871 census

21 John Taylor Head 45 1826 Male Linton Herefordshire England
21 Sarah Taylor Wife 42 1829 Female Minsterworth Gloucestershire England
21 Joseph J Taylor Son 14 1857 Male Newent Gloucestershire England

Joseph J Taylor death 1935 Newent aged 78

So far I've not found him in other census records either but maybe he moved away at some point though appears to have moved back to Newent.


InJoseph John Taylor

by grahamdavison @, Thursday, April 16, 2020, 09:57 (1467 days ago) @ probinson

In 1881 John Taylor married Martha Hyde at Newent Register Office, they had 4 children Enoch 1881, Sarah Ann 1883, John 1885 & Martha 1888.

Martha died in 1888 aged 30 and their dau Martha died in 1891 aged 2.

John the father is living with his mother and father in both the 1881 & 1891 censuses, their surname is spelt TAILOR in the 1881 census.

Joseph John Taylor

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Thursday, April 16, 2020, 11:06 (1467 days ago) @ probinson

Following on

GR 1911 Census, Nr Church, Gorsley, Newent, Glos

J.J.TAYLOR, Head, 54, Widower, Lumber ?, Smallholding, born Newent Gloucestershire (1857)
John, Son, 25, Single, Timber ?, Gorsley Herefordshire (1886)

3 rooms

Joseph John Taylor

by jenata, Friday, April 17, 2020, 20:34 (1465 days ago) @ jenata

Hi there,

Many thanks for all of your replies, they were all most helpful. very much appreciated.

All completed now.


Joseph John Taylor

by Mike Pinchin @, Bedford, England, Friday, April 17, 2020, 22:51 (1465 days ago) @ jenata

In the BNA Gloucestershire Chronicle - Saturday 26 July 1913, this seems to be a record of Joseph John’s son, John, purchasing the land they leased,

Two cottages, gardens and enclosures of pasture land and pasture orcharding. 7a. 0r. 24p., at Gorsley, let to Mr. Joseph John Taylor, Mr. John Taylor, and the representatives of Mr. John Taylor, deceased, at £13 2s. Tithe rent charge 18s. 2d., value 1st January 13s. 3d.: land tax. 13s. 10d. Mr. John Taylor, £223.

This was part of the sale of the remainder of the Onslow estate, a very large estate in and around Newent, these remains amounting to more than 2500 acres.

Joseph John Taylor

by jenata, Sunday, April 19, 2020, 02:01 (1464 days ago) @ Mike Pinchin

Hi Mike,

Lovely surprise to read about their land.

Thank you so much


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