James Powell (1860-1914) & Mary Haddock (1864-1928), Aylburt (General)

by rodders @, Thursday, August 27, 2020, 13:00 (95 days ago)

I am trying to track down any descendants or relatives of James Powell (1860-1914) and Mary Ann Haddock (1864-1928) of Aylburton, their known children were:

  • William (1892-1916), KIA in France 1916, and appears on the Aylburton War Memorial
  • Fred (1885-?)
  • Emma (1887-1923) married Charles (aka Amos) Price, they had three children; Florence aka Dorothy? born 1907, Rosa Mary born c1909 and William Fred born 1912
  • James (1888-1957) married Mary Watkins, they lived at Ninewells
  • George (1891-?) last known record of George he is living at 61 Pengam Road, Aberbargoed, Monmouthshire and is lodging with brother James
  • Thomas (1893-?)
  • Esaias aka Charles (1895-1912) killed at Norchard Colliery
  • Hephzibah (1897-1898)
  • Rosa Mary (1900-1903)
  • Phillip (1904-1905)
  • Harry Evan (1905-1949) married Annie Rose Jones in 1923

The 1911 Census for James and Mary records that they had 12 children, but I can only account for 11. Three children had died by 1911, these being Hepzibah (who was named after her grandmother Hepzibah Haddock), most likely Fred, and the name of the twelfth child whose name I do not have. Thomas was still alive in 1911, as shown on the Census Return.

I suspect that there are not many descendants, with so many family members dying young.

If anyone is able to fill in any of the blanks or has a family connection then please get in touch.


James Powell (1860-1914) & Mary Haddock (1864-1928), Aylburt

by MPGriffiths @, Thursday, August 27, 2020, 16:51 (95 days ago) @ rodders

There is a Public Members Tree on Ancestry.


There are previous threads on the HADDOCK line (which is in my tree)

Richard HADDOCK married, Margaret NURSE - - and their daughter Elizazbeth HADDOCK 1785 - married John THOMAS and these are my x Grandparents.

James Powell (1860-1914) & Mary Haddock (1864-1928), Aylburt

by gwyn66 @, Cwmbran, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 19:59 (47 days ago) @ rodders

Hi Rodders,

James and Mary are my great great grandparents.
George Powell their son married Evelyn Vickery and their daughter Eveline Violet married Charles Jones. Their Daughter Marilyn is my mother.

James Powell (1860-1914) & Mary Haddock (1864-1928), Aylburt

by rodders @, Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 21:11 (47 days ago) @ gwyn66

Hi gwyn66,

Thanks for getting in touch, I understand that George married Evelyn at Tidenham.

From what I can see George and his brother James (my great great grandfather) were lodging at Pengham Road, Aberbargoed when the 1911 Census was taken.

Could you set your login up to receive emails? I would love the chance to correspond, and find out more about George.


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