by Andrew, Monday, April 05, 2021, 18:11 (294 days ago)

Dear Readers,
I am Andrew Arthur Matthews researching my paternal line that appears to be linked to those Matthews historically located in Gloucestershire and in particular Down Ampney. Whilst I have much evidence of at least two generations in India with HEIC, ICS etc it may be Indigo Planting that links them ? Also there is the possibility, again no evidence, of a connection to the Earl of Llandaff, Cardiff that in turn links to Down Ampney.
If anyone can help, advise or suggest please do contact me, Best regards, Andrew


by MPGriffiths @, Monday, April 05, 2021, 18:59 (294 days ago) @ Andrew

There is a Public Members Tree on Ancestry for

William MATTHEWS - birth 26 Ma 1774, Down Ampney, Gloucestershire
death: 15 June 1858, Calcutta, West Bengal, India

parents: Richard MATTHEWS and Anne JACK.


Forest of Dean - has one Gloucestershire Marriage Allegations for

Mary MATTHEWS of Ampney, marrying by Licence - 28 April 1707 to Anthony KING.


Ampney is where my paternal line are from - just small hamlet - etc, Ampney Cru, Down Ampney, Ampney St Peters.etc,


by Andrew, Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 16:51 (294 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Dear MPG,
Thanks for most prompt response and I am interested in this William Matthews as he appears to have both the DA / Gloucestershire and the India link. I think this is where I may be able to join the family dots as it were.
Having spent 8 years of my time and at least that by my cousin Bridget we have not been able to identity where our GG grandfather, William Matthews 1818-1871 was born, death certificate state ‘ England ‘ ! so have hit the brick wall of genealogy. However we do know he emigrated from England, was employed by HEIC then ICS and was Superintendent Of The Salt Revenue , Punjab and died in Jhelum . He fathered 7 children, 3 to a ‘ Mary , 2 with a ‘native woman & 2 with a different ‘native ‘ woman.
In William’s will it mentions possible distant cousins in Ghazeepore who were Indigo Planters. A will lodged at Fort William ( HEIC HQ) was found for an Albert Matthews , Indigo Planter in Shahabad District , Bengal Residency, who left his estate to his two sons, Richard Hunt Gregory Matthews and Horatio Nelson Matthews. At time of Albert ‘s marriage, 1828 he was at least 21 so possibly born circa 1807. A baptism found for an Albert Matthews, 5 December 1806 with his father being Captain A N ( Arnold Nesbitt ?) Matthews of Calcutta.

I would be most grateful if you have any information regarding any of the above to get in touch.
Andrew A . Matthews


by MPGriffiths @, Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 17:22 (293 days ago) @ Andrew


As you haven't got an envelope next to your name, I can't send you a message.

Down Ampney isn't normally covered by the Forest of Dean Area - it would help if you joined Rootschat, Gloucestershire.

My x Grandad was born in Down Ampney in 1837 - and although marrying and having quite a large family, disappeared off to Chile around 1870ish and never was heard of again leaving my x Grandmother to bring up the children.

Through DNA, we now have close Cousins in Chile and America. My x Grandad even named some of his children after his brother and wife, both with a couple local ladies and later on the children of his wife he married. Through DNA this has been proved.

So, family christian names go through generation after generation. Most important. More often than not, one of their middle names, could be a SURNAME from the female line - or past generations. My Grandad from the Forest of Dean, carried the middle name of BURROWS - which was a middle name for almost 200 years.

There is a website called and this lists populations tables every ten years from 1801. Down Ampney in 1801 had 279 people - (say each household was 6 persons, this equates to about 46 families).

I will go back and look at the tree on Ancestry.



by MPGriffiths @, Tuesday, April 06, 2021, 18:33 (293 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Can see googling your past requests, one son carries the name of Richard Arnold Matthews.

Ancestry Gloucestershire baptisms

Arnold Nesbitt Matthews - (reading the original on Ancestry for Down Ampney from 1578 to 1812 - Page 211 of 312 -
Richard, Son of Mr Ricd Matthews & Anne his Wife, was received into the Church May 20th 1766.

(My Son, was born early, and we had him christened in the Hospital,). He couldn't be christened again, so a few months later, we went to Church - during the baptism service, and my Son, 'was received into the Church'.

To have the prefix Mr before Richard - was not the norm for ordinary folk - must have been important.

Ancestry - Find a Grave Index

Maj Arnold Nesbit Mathews - birth date 17 February 1765

Birth Place: Paris City of Paris, ice-de-France, France

Death date: 10 May 1820
Cemetery - Chinsurah Dutch Cemetery
Calcutta, West Bengal, India


Ancestry -
England & Wales, Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills 1384-1858

Richard Hunt MATTHEWS - Probate date: 15 Nov 1843

reading it he says he in the District of Shabar? in East Indies.


by MPGriffiths @, Monday, April 05, 2021, 19:16 (294 days ago) @ Andrew




Mathew was born in France in 1852, son of Major Arnold Henry Ochterloney ... etc. etc and half way down this write-up.... Research revealed the contemporary birth of an Arnold Nesbit Matthews to William Richard Matthews and his wife Anne at Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, which in conjunction with Rev.Arnold Mathew's father and grandfather have orignally been named 'Matthews' rather than 'Mathew' has been considered to cast sufficient doubt on the claim to descent from the Earls Landaff as to render it invalid.

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