Globe - Westbury on Severn (General)

by Pamela, Friday, April 16, 2021, 11:38 (1097 days ago)

Am late to the Globe party - richard Globe of Copenhagen set up a fascinating trail of bastardy/Foundling/Yorkshire trail on this site in 2011. Please May I as a Globe descendant (by marriage in my case) add my halfpence.I have seen the will of Thomas Careless of Hampton Bishop 1764. He recognises his 5 sons. An indemnity bond for bastardy is a “surety” that the father of the child will pay for the upkeep by the poor law guardians of the parish. It is more likely that Thomas Careless was the child’s grandfather. it therefore follows that one of Thomas Careless’s eldest sons was the father. If the son (and there is a Thomas & John as suspects) failed to pay his agreed weekly sum to the overseers his father and his fellow surety would be held to account.

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