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by izzybfw @, Wednesday, May 05, 2021, 07:25 (1078 days ago)

In case any members are not aware, The National Archives are at the moment giving free downloads if you sign up - normally £3.50 each. I think it is due to their restricted access due to Covid - so it may end soon. You need to sign up.

They have lots of downloadable documents relating to Bristol, i was able to find a good few wills and a very informative "abstract will" which i had never heard of before, but it summarises the difficult to read will giving details of who gets what, when they got it and their relationships. It is only for documents that are held by the National Archives, but well worth a look.

Hope this helps someone.

National Archives

by MPGriffiths @, Wednesday, May 05, 2021, 10:26 (1078 days ago) @ izzybfw

Another facility, which yields more information - for example friends of the family, is by using the Advanced Search - for witnesses at weddings - also shows where family members were at that particular time


Searching for surname Court

11 March 1782 - in the Parish of St Briavels,

Edward LEWIS, married Mary MORGAN

witnesses were: William COURT Jnr and Elizabeth PRITCHARD.

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