DAVID WATKINS, widower, married Newland 1806 (General)

by Little Patch @, Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 23:07 (848 days ago)


My interest, Frances Neat(e) married David Watkins at Newland on 27 April 1806 by banns. The address for both was the hundred of St Briavels and both had been married previously. Both signed as did the witnesses, Catherine Edwards and Thos Bond.

I have history for Frances up to this marriage but nothing at all for David Watkins. There are many Watkins in the area but I cannot find a link to him. The witness Catherine Edwards was related to Frances and Thos Bond appears regularly and is probably a church official.

I have eliminated David Watkins of Abergavenny and another of that name from Christchurch. I do not have an age for him - Frances was born c1762 so probably no offspring for this couple.

I cannot locate them together in 1841 census so no clues as to where David was born, his age or occupation. I have not found his previous wife, possible offspring or will.

I understand about the extra-parochial hundred of St Briavels but would folk give this as their place of residence when it covered such a large area?

Hoping someone may have David in their tree or some knowledge of him or advice on where to go from here.

Thank you

DAVID WATKINS, widower, married Newland 1806

by MPGriffiths @, Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 21:48 (847 days ago) @ Little Patch


Using the Advance Search for witnesses (just in case either a David WATKINS or Frances WATKINS turn up)

Marriage at Newland, 22 July 1822

Mathew WILLIAMS - bachelor of Newland
Frances MORGAN - Spinster of Newland

witnesses: Frances WATKINS and William EVANS


15 years later in 1837

Edward JONES - Bachelor, Newland
Frances WATKINS - Spinster, Newland

witnesses: Mark of Barnabas LAMBERT and Eliza WILLIAMS


? Whether the 1822 witness is the same as the 1837 marriage i.e. Frances WATKINS


Trying to work out Frances (NEAT) maiden name.

DAVID WATKINS, widower, married Newland 1806

by Little Patch @, Saturday, April 02, 2022, 22:31 (844 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

Thank you so much for your reply and especially for the tip about using the advanced search to look at witness names. I can't think why I didn't notice this before, it will be really useful in my research into some very common names.

I know that Frances Neat(e) was baptised at Skenfrith in 1762 as Frances Edwards. She married in Bath and was widowed in 1795. Three of her five children turned up in Monmouthshire and at least two of her grandsons eventually settled in the Forest of Dean.

Thanks to this site, I came across the marriage to David Watkins and there the trail goes cold.

I will look into the two marriages you found and delve a bit further into the Watkins of Newland.

Much appreciated.

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