Dew family from Poolway House Coleford (General)

by CanberraKid, Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 20:42 (192 days ago)

Hi all,
We've recently found out that our ancestors were the Dew family from Poolway House and believe that they were living there for a number of years, would anyone know any history on the Dew family in Coleford?
Thankyou in advance...

Dew family from Poolway House Coleford

by MPGriffiths @, Thursday, August 17, 2023, 08:09 (192 days ago) @ CanberraKid

Forest of Dean Records

Burial at Coleford Cemetery

4 June 1889

Croft Worgan DEW aged 60

Barrister at Law

(1) Poolway House Coleford
(2) South Div: Adult Gr
(3) WW 10
(4) Consecrated(5)


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Dew family from Poolway House Coleford

by Nick Dub @, Thursday, August 17, 2023, 11:11 (192 days ago) @ CanberraKid

As you may know, some of the Dew family members married members of the Worgan family. A number of these lived at Poolway - some of these on a farm I think.
Rather than me writing a v long post about this, it might be best if you messaged me if you are interested in more details.
I have the details of several generations of this family in a spreadsheet.


Nick Duberley

Croft Worgan DEW Yorkshire to Poolway House 1828 - 1889

by slowhands @, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Saturday, August 26, 2023, 11:33 (183 days ago) @ CanberraKid

Reverend Croft Worgan DEW died 29 May 1889 at Poolway House Estate £2,565 17s 7d
Proved by Sara Todhunter and Isabella Todhunter Spinsters Executrixes

1881 Poolway House, Newlan
Croft W Dew Head Married Male 52 1829 Barrister at law south east circuit m.a. jesus college cam Whitkirk, Yorkshire, England
Mary Ann Pollock Visitor Married Female 57 1824 - City of London, Middlesex, England
Sarah Todhunter House keeper Single Female 44 1837 - Aikton, Cumberland, England
Isabella Todhunter House maid Single Female 32 1849 - Aikton, Cumberland, England

1871 Benger Street, Benger, Hertford,
Croft M Dew Head Barrister Male 42 1829 - Yorkshire, England
Sarah Todhunter Housekeeper - Female 35 1836 - Cumberland, England
Isabella Todhunter Servant - Female 23 1848 - Cumberland, England

First name(s) Croft Morgan
Country England
Last name Dew
Volume 9D
Marriage quarter 4
Volume as transcribed 9D
Marriage year 1852
Page number 647
Registration month -
Record set England & Wales Marriages 1837-2005
Croft Morgan Dew married one of these people
Elizabeth Johnson, Catharine Anne Copperthwaite i suspect
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
District Malton
Subcategory Civil Marriage & Divorce
District number -
Collections from Great Britain, England
County Yorkshire

1851 Bassett House, Thorpe Bassett, Malton Union, Yorkshire
Croft W Dew Visitor Unmarried Male 22 1829 Scholar gesuscolls cambridge Whitkirk, Yorkshire, England

1841 Rhodes Street, Halifax,
Anne Dew Female 35 1806 Yorkshire, England
John Dew Male 14 1827 Yorkshire, England
Croft Dew Male 12 1829 Yorkshire, England
George Dew Male 7 1834 Yorkshire, England

Born 31st Dec 1828 ? at Vicarage Whitkirk
Baprised Nov 1st 1830 Whitkirk Yorkshire
Son of John Worgan and Anne

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

Croft Worgan DEW Yorkshire to Poolway House 1828 - 1889

by anthonyworgan @, Tuesday, August 29, 2023, 13:03 (180 days ago) @ slowhands

Croft Worgan Dew married 17 Oct 1852 Catherine Anne Kenyon Copperthwaite (1829-1899) at Old Malton parish church, Yorkshire - details on Ancestry

In my copy of Coleford, The History of a West Gloucestershire Forest Town by Cyril Hart, it mentions a Colonel Worgan who saved the life of Charles 1 at the battle of Edge Hill in 1642.
This Colonel was claimed to be an ancestor of Croft Worgan Dew and his initials M.E.W. (Morgan E Worgan) are supposed to be carved above one of the fireplaces in Poolway House (later the Hotel).

Unfortunately, I have searched for many years but have never discovered any 'Morgan E. Worgan' in official documents to verify this tradition.

Croft Worgan DEW Yorkshire to Poolway House 1828 - 1889

by CanberraKid, Friday, September 01, 2023, 18:39 (176 days ago) @ anthonyworgan

Thankyou for all leads and information it's been interesting to discover some of our

Regarding King Charles 1,out of interest there has been a tale past down through the family that " a member of the Dew family saved or assisted the King during the civil war and was rewarded with the stewardship of Warwick Castle,which was he did not take up"

A curious tale which likewise I've never found even the slightest account of.

Croft Worgan DEW Yorkshire to Poolway House 1828 - 1889

by anthonyworgan @, Monday, September 04, 2023, 15:50 (173 days ago) @ CanberraKid

That's interesting - I can further add from my Coleford Book by Cyril Hart, Published by Alan Sutton in 1983:

Notes: 11 on page 197 -'The tradition was related to Miss M. Mushet in 1877 by Croft Worgan Dew the then owner of Poolway House, a direct descendent of Colonel Worgan: 'The weapon used was a battle-axe, which has been religiously preserved in the family, and handed down from father to son up to the present time (1877), and is now at Poolway House'

On page 173 concerning the Old Chapel in Coleford's centre (demolished in 1820) - two monuments of Royalists officers who had fallen at Coleford were supposed to be in this chapel......

For saving the life of King Charles, Colonel Worgan was granted three booms - First, that he might have the highest pew in the Church of Newland, Second, that his tenants and neighbours might brew and sell beer unmolested, i.e. without tax. And, third, that he might have a pup out of the Queen's bitch 'Lily'

40 years later, its still the best book I ever brought - a gold mine on Forest history and foresters.

Croft Worgan DEW Yorkshire to Poolway House 1828 - 1889

by MPGriffiths @, Thursday, September 07, 2023, 05:15 (171 days ago) @ anthonyworgan

Western Mail, Glamorgan, Wales
Published Wednesday 23 July 1913


Interesting Propery in Dean Forest

“ Poolway House” Coleford, a quaint old structure, and one of the most ancient properties in the Forest of Dean, is to be sold by auction next Friday by Messrs. Rennie and Jones, Monmouth.

Etc, etc.

The house contains two rare old staircases, each of solid oak; the Floors are of polished oak, and many of the fireplaces are iof much interest..

In the front lawn a seat is fixed with the back formed out of an old fireplace, dated 1650.

Ar the bottom of the garden is a well known as “King Charles Well”.

Croft Worgan DEW Yorkshire to Poolway House 1828 - 1889

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, November 03, 2023, 23:11 (113 days ago) @ MPGriffiths

it's great to see you're still contributing in such fine style on the forum, I hope you and yours are well.


By an interesting coincidence, the local newspaper recently had a small feature about Poolway House, because it was up for sale once again. It's likely that this webpage won't be visible for much longer, so here's the text of the article, brief as it is. There are also a few photos of the property.

"This 16th century “gem” for sale was once the Manor House of the town - and offered shelter to royals during the English Civil War.

Poolway House, in Coleford, is Grade II listed and thought to date back to 1520, having once been the Manor House of Coleford, the administrative centre of the community.

The house ia said to have been heavily involved in the Civil War of the 1600s, and in 1643 its owner - Charles Winter, a Parliamentary supporter - was reportedly taken prisoner in his own home by Prince Rupert and Lord Herbert of Raglan, who were Cavaliers.

The capture caused a “noisy skirmish” in Coleford, resulting in the burning of the market hall. Poolway House was then captured by Sir John Winter of Lydney, Lord Herbert’s cousin."

My web search today shows Poolway House is still on the market, so the estate agent's adverts carrying a very full description and several photos can be readily-found by searching online, as can details of the House wrt it's Grade II listing on the Historic England website .

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