Amos William BROWN, Colliery Owner (General)

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Mary Ann aka "Polly" !!! wellwell, perhaps this equates to the Pollyanna name ?.


Re Amos Brown's colliery ownership, the ever-excellent Lightmmor site gives a few hits with perhaps more to come, which I guess reflect those you've seen on Ancestry ?

"Church Hill Colliery (2)
1745 Church Hill in Parkend.

17 December 1844 Granted to Henry Beach of Moseley Green and Charles Thomas of Whitecroft for a pit situate at Parkend on the south-east side of the brook which crosses the Furnace Ditch near Brookall Ditches to command any unallotted pillars of the Rockey vein left between the north boundary of Standfast and Royal Engine and the south boundary of Oaken Level Collieries.

Surrendered by 1869.

F3 984
11 June 1906 Granted to George Albert Morgan.

13 May 1929 Oaken and Churchway Syndicate Ltd., High St., Newnham conveyed to Amos Brown.
Conveyance of Oaken & Churchway No.2 and Church Hill No.2 for £150.

28 May 1929 Conveyance Amos Brown to John Henry Elsmore, Wm. Rueben John Nash, and James Oliver Elsmore to purchase as joint tenants for £237.

January 1945 Registered joint owners John Henry and James Oliver Elsmore."


"Fox's Trenchard
F3 1175
31 January 1910 Application for grant to Henry Fox

23 May 1910 Granted, intended to work by means of a pit

3 June 1910 Henry Fox to Amos Wm. Brown

March 1919 Not worked
Fox’s Trenchard, New Stoney Stile & Smith’s Trenchard to be opened by means of cross measures from Valletts Deep

January 1925 Not worked

October 1929 Not worked

29 October 1929 Amos Brown working Mansfield Trenchard on the lower side of Fox’s Trenchard, also agreed to purchase Slopes Gale
Intended to be worked from Mansfield’s:- Potlid, Valletts Level, Smith’s Trenchard, Mansfield Trenchard, Stoney Stile, The Slopes Trenchard, Fox’s Trenchard & Trenchard No. 2.

R.W. Brown and J.J. Joynes Trustees under the will of A.W. Brown deceased. Net income bequethed to Mrs. Brown and on her decease gale devised to R.W. Brown.

F3 309
Amos Brown deceased by 31 December 1932, had Fox’s Trenchard, New Potlid, Valletts Level No.2, Trenchard No.2, Smith’s Trenchard, New Stoney Stile, Mansfields Trenchard, New Hawkins No.2 and Slopes Trenchard.

28 July 1933 Auction at Angel Hotel, Coleford.
Fox’s Trenchard not sold.
Fox’s Trenchard, Berry Hill, 112 acres.

31 May 1934 To be surrendered."


This detailed list of Coal Mines in 1896 has several references to Browns in general and AW Brown in particular within his local Broadwell/Coleford area.

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