Broadwell Memorial Hall (General)

by Colefordarea, Friday, February 28, 2014, 09:53 (2288 days ago) @ Colefordarea

Hello again,
Just thought I'd let anyone know who's interested that we're having a World War 1 centenary event for Broadwell Memorial Hall, in which we hope to get more information on the soldiers and trustees as well to display what we have so far. We plan to have an event on the May Day Bank Holiday, more information can be found on the SunGreen website:

If anyone is unsure if they had a relative involved with the Memorial Hall I'll add a list of names on my next post. We're looking more for photos and stories if possible rather than census or parish information. If anyone has anything they want to share before the date we be more than happy to include it on our display.

If your unclear on anything just ask.


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