Broadwell Memorial Hall (General)

by StA @, Billericay, Essex, Saturday, September 21, 2019, 15:12 (294 days ago) @ Colefordarea

Hi David, I have photos of my Grandfather Benjamin Martin Brown & Great Uncle Amos William Brown.
Amos donated the ground the hall was built on and both were Trustees.
I have legal documents (copies not very clear) of the transfer deeds.
I realise this thread goes back some years, but I have only started my research within the last couple.
Not sure how I can upload the photos on this forum ?
My Father Gilbert Benjamin Brown was youngest sibling of Benjamin and was a Free Miner (I have his actual certificate) as all the male members of the family.
Are you still in the Coleford area?
Hope this will be of some help,
Yours Roger

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