Joseph Meek of Ruardean (Parish Records)

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I too would be interested in the answer to this. Although my main interest is the Marfell family, I have 816 Meeks including 18 Joseph's.

I cannot guarantee I am right, but in my Family Tree I have the Joseph who married Ann Harris as the son of John Meek 1709 & Elizabeth Smart 1711.

As has been said, the Joseph Harper witness can be ignored as a Church official, there are a number of related Francis - I have 8 plus 2 femail Frances which doesn't need much of a writing error as a witness. In my tree, if I am right, he has an uncle Francis 1716/1791.

Nice work MPGriffiths. The Wills you have mentioned have been useful. I had William Gagg and Margaret in my Family Tree, not knowing her surname. Neither are related to me, but their offspring have many links to others who are related. The baptism record for William Gagg shows "Base son of a stranger" his mother Elizabeth Gagg.

Jim Ashton

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