1882 Eva Emily Manns (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, November 27, 2018, 02:37 (734 days ago) @ Mike Pinchin

Hi Mike,
not sure don't think this record has already been mentioned ?


Deaths Mar 1943 (>99%)
Bull Eva E 58 F.of Dean 6a 396

So born abt 1885.

And from this site's PRs;

Record_ID: 78822
Entry_Number: 3800
Year: 1943
Month: Jan
Day: 28
Surname: BULL
Forenames: Eva Emily
Residence: Wife of William George Bull
Age_at_death: 58
Officiating_Minister: Rev[eren]d L V Wraith
Event: Interment
Memoranda: (1) Chapel House Mile End (2) Section B Adult Gr[ave] (3) H 13 (4) Consecrated (5)
Register_Reference: DA25 / 204 / 30
Page_No: 89
Parish_Chapel: Coleford Cemetery
Soundex: B400

Oddly I cannot find a death record for our William George Bull anywhere.

Sadly I cannot find a likely marriage for them either, or a definite entry for William in the 1901 Census.

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